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Part II: Cameras of the Year (2012) and The Future [live update in progress], January 4, 2013
On Monday we posted Part #1 of the Cameras of the Year round-up. But more posts were posted since, and more things slipped past the first episode. So this is Part #2. Just like Part #1, this is just a... Continue

Cameras of the Year in 2012 and The Future: a round-up of what various websites and blogs think, December 31, 2012
The Planet is one foot in 2012 and another foot in 2013! Before 2012 goes completely away, let us take a look at the Best of 2012 and Predictions for the future - according to a variety of websites and... Continue

Year in Review (Episode #4): Top Sellers among our Readers, January 4, 2012
Welcome to a new episode of the Year In Review series. In this episode, we look at the top selling cameras among our Readers at some of the major online retailers. Thanks to everyone for making your purchases through this... Continue

Year in Review (Episode #3): The Interchangeable Lens Cameras by numbers (Mirrorless vs DSLRs), January 1, 2012
Happy New Year! Time for episode #3 in our on-going Year in Review soap-opera. Today's episode focuses on the interchangeables of 2011 which brought us 20-something newly announced interchangeable lens (or sensor-thing) cameras... [UPDATE: Added a new chart at the... Continue

Year in Review (Episode #2): Big in Japan:: Mirrorless Gains, M43rds Wins Mirrorless segment, December 28, 2011
We continue our Year in Review series with episode #2: "Big in Japan", which mirrors last year's episode Big in Japan (2010). Here we look at the market share of interchangeable lens cameras in Japan as set forth by BCNRanking... Continue

Year in Review (Episode #1): Camera Announcements in Charts (and most by manufacturer), December 28, 2011
We are getting an earlier start this year with our Year In Review series! In this episode, we take a charts-and-graphs look at the new camera announcements in 2011. This is mirroring last year's post. Fuji may have had a... Continue

Canon "wins" Australia for 2010 (top DSLR, P&S and overall market share), April 25, 2011
Market research firm Gfk Retail has announced (see press release at Imaging Resource) that Canon "won" Australia in 2010, winning both the DSLR and the fixed-lens camera segment, and thus, the overall Australian market as well. In typical Canon fashion,... Continue

Canon destroyed Nikon in 2010 global DSLR market share (YiR #6), April 20, 2011
In yesterday's post talking about the IDC 2010 global digital camera market shares published on Bloomberg, we missed the short paragraph above the table talking about the interchangeable lens camera market shares! Oh my! According to the global IDC numbers... Continue

Year in Review #5: Global 2010 digital camera market share according to IDC Japan, April 19, 2011
Our graphics department has just finished finger-painting the charts, so we are ready to go with this post ;-) Bloomberg Japan has posted the 2010 global digital camera market shares, as provided to them by IDC Japan. The report mentions... Continue

Year in Review (Episode #4): The Dark Side of Full Frame, February 27, 2011
Already two months in 2011, what's with a new 2010 year-in-review episode? That is a very good question. And the answer is simple - nothing has changed since in the world of 35mm FF! As you can see in the... Continue

Year in Review (Episode #3): Readers' Top 7 DSLR/iLC purchases (at Amazon), January 2, 2011
Since the Readers' Choice vote for Camera of the Year was cancelled (due to repeat proxy-voting by fanboys), we have an impromptu "substitute": the top selling DSLR/iLC cameras by our readers during 2010 at (the USA version of Amazon).... Continue

Year in Review (Episode #2): Big in Japan (Mirrorless and The Field make gains), January 1, 2011
Happy New Year! We now have episode #2 of our "Year in Review" series. BCN Ranking in Japan has published the market shares of the top 20 interchangeable lens cameras in Japan (computer translated) for the calendar year 2010. We... Continue

Year in Review (Episode #1): Most Cameras by Manufacturer in 2010, December 31, 2010
Happy New Year to one and all as 2011 is here or almost here depending on where you are! This is part #1 of a 200-part series, "Year in Review" - 200 is an approximation ;-) First up, we take... Continue


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