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New Pentax elementproof WG-series cameras now under the Ricoh brand: WG4, WG4 GPS and WG20 (with optional mounting system to compete with GoPros and other action cameras), February 5, 2014
The Pentax WG-series of elementproof cameras is now under the Ricoh brand name. Pentax-Ricoh has announced three new WG-series cameras today, the WG-4, WG-4 GPS and WG-20. The 4s have CMOS sensors while the 20 has a CCD sensor. But... Continue

The new Fuji S1: first Weather Resistant (water, dust) 50X superzoom, January 6, 2014
We have another attempt by a camera manufacturer to stress the benefits of a stand-alone digital camera. Fuji announced today (perhaps the world's first) weather-resistant superzoom digital camera. And by superzoom it is a 50x optical zoom 24-1200mm f2.8-5.6 with... Continue

New Fuji XP70 elementproof with optional action wide converter lens (and two new pointless P&S), January 6, 2014
Waterproof/elementproof cameras have an advantage over smartphones in that most smartphones are not waterproof/elementproof, so it is not a bad idea for camera manufacturers to explore this segment and try to exploit this advantage. Fuji announced a new camera in... Continue

Nikon AW1 gets measured by Dxomark, December 18, 2013
No rest for Dxomark, they are back again, this time they have published their Nikon AW1 report. The AW1 being a 1-System CX-mount 1-inch-sensor interchangeable lens camera with waterproofness and a starting price of $800 with a kit lens. You... Continue

New Nikon AW1 waterproof 1-System mirrorless camera (and two AW lenses to go with it), September 18, 2013
Nikon has a new 1-System 1-inch CX camera system, and it is waterproof out of the box, it is the new Nikon AW1! The AW1 with the zoom lens will go for $800, and in a two-lens kit for $1000.... Continue

Pentax announces basic P&S Efina for the 2nd time and adds white WG-3, June 8, 2013
In January 2013, Pentax announced a very basic P&S digital camera, the Efina with a 14mp 1/2.x" CCD sensor and a 5x optical zoom. This week they announced this camera again, perhaps this time it is available in more or... Continue

New Polaroid XS80 action cam with 1080p video, May 14, 2013
The action cameras continue to be unafraid of the smartphones and the fixed lens P&S digital cameras. Today the Polaroid brand announced a new action camera, the Polaroid XS80 with 1080p video and waterproof up to 30 feet with a... Continue

New Fuji XP200 waterproof CMOS camera with Wifi (with hands-on previews), March 25, 2013
The Wifi camera party continues to grow. Fuji announced a new XP-series waterproof camera with Wi-fi included. It is the new Finepix XP200. Other features include a 5x (28-140mm eq) lens with sensor shift stabilization, 16mp 1/2.3" CMOS sensor, 3-inch... Continue

New Pentax waterproofs: WG-3, WG-3 GPS (starting at f2) and WG-10, January 29, 2013
One more digital camera manufacturer has expanded their waterproof and elementproof camera offerings, trying to splash away the smartphone cannibals. Pentax has announced a two-tier waterproof digital camera refresh. The new WG-3 and WG-3 GPS are more mid-range models with... Continue

New Nikon Waterproof P&S cameras: Coolpix AW110 and S31, January 28, 2013
Waterproof digital cameras are something smartphones, at least for now, cannot cannibalize, so more and more of them are coming out. Nikon announced two of them with these batch, both follow-ups to their predecessor. The Coolpix AW110 is the tough... Continue

New Olympus TG-2 (starts at f2), TG-830 and TG-630 elementproofs, January 7, 2013
Thought we were done? Think again! It is time now for the Olympus press release wave! Olympus generated some interest last year with the Tough TG-1 camera with a bright lens starting at f2. Now Olympus have a follow-up, the... Continue

New Fuji XP60 waterproof P&S in multiple body colors, January 7, 2013
Superzooms and waterproofs are two segments of the digital camera market that at the moment have distinguishing features that can resist the onslaught of smartphones. Case in point, the only mass-market-sensor-size non-superzoom in this 2013 Fuji announcement burst is a... Continue

New Panasonic FT5/TS5 and FT25/TS25 elementproof P&S cameras, January 7, 2013
Just like clockwork, Panasonic announced two new elementproof/waterproof fixed-lens digital cameras in the FT-series which also goes by the name of TS-series. Just like previous years, this is a higher-spec/lower-spec model, with the single-digit model being the "leader" of the... Continue

Newsbytes: Samsung T-primes, RED Dragon fire, Panasonic X-Ray SD, etc, August 10, 2012
A number of newsy items have filled up the buffers, time to empty the buffers with a new edition of the Newsbytes! + Samyang announces Cinema T-versions of their 14mm, 21mm and 35mm primes via dpreview and LMdlP et al... Continue

(SOLD OUT) Daily Deal: Orange Panasonic TS20 waterproof for $99, August 7, 2012
This sold-out before the end of the 24-hour period... Waterproof camera party! The orange waterproof Panasonic TS20/FT20 digital camera is offered as the main Amazon deal for Tuesday for $99 with free shipping. This special is good until 3am eastern... Continue


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