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230+ physical photography books eligible for Amazon's new Kindle Matchbook program, October 29, 2013
If you have previously purchased physical (printed on dead trees) books from Amazon or if you are planning to purchase in the future, Amazon's new Kindle Matchbook Program is now live! If you are planning to purchase new physical books,... Continue

Seminar: Watch the 72-minute Adobe Lightroom 5 seminar with Kelby, Adobe and B&H Photo, August 4, 2013
Only 1,200 people were able to watch the Adobe Lightroom 5 seminar held at the Javits Convention Center in New York, but now you can watch it as if you were a member of the audience! The total runtime is... Continue

Trailer is out for upcoming "Everybody Street" Street Photography Documentary, July 23, 2013
Hooray! A new photography documentary is rolling out. It is called "Everybody Street" and as the name suggests, it is all about street photography. The documentary will make its world premiere at the Hot Docs film festival in April 2014... Continue

Write essays, stories, or memoirs about photography? Kindle Singles are open to everyone now, July 30, 2012
Do you like to write essays, memoirs, or long form stand-alone stories about photography? Amazon has opened up its Kindle Singles publishing platform to all authors, new and old! This (long-form writing about photography) is not a very crowded field,... Continue

Reading is Fundamental: Canon posts 420-page 1D X user manual and 48-page Autofocus guide, June 12, 2012
Reading is fundamental for you future operators of the magic machine that is the Canon EOS 1D X! Canon has published the 420-page user manual for the 1D X. I am sure Canon is not sending a secret message with... Continue

The Manufacturers Explain: Canon EOS C300 sensor and Fuji X10 viewfinder, December 31, 2011
We now have two teachings of technical enlightenment by the camera manufacturers themselves: + Canon has published an 18-page whitepaper on the EOS Cinema C300 sensor (direct link to PDF file) which you can find summarized/explained [via] Image Sensors World... Continue

dpreview launches Articles section with lots of new content, September 4, 2011
If you are interested in glorious learnings of photography from internet, and you are tired of the seven-paragraph formulaic "tutorials" at the various free online photography schools or the master-of-the-obvious photo tips from the various self-appointed photography gurus, dpreview may... Continue

Nikon's user manual policy gets yelled at Gizmodo-style, August 22, 2011
Camera manufacturers sometimes work in mysterious ways. Sometimes the mysterious ways work against photographers/consumers. One such case is Nikon's hawkish attitude towards user manuals. This attitude just got yelled at @ Gizmodo. Continue

Tip: Have an old website/portfolio without an RSS feed? Here's a quick way to get one!, May 11, 2011
If you have an old school website, be it for your photography work, your photography musings, your gear-talk, or for your studio or portfolio, and your website does not have a native RSS feed solution and you don't want to... Continue

Understanding Dxomark data, a Luminous article, January 29, 2011
Peter van der Hammer has written a tutorial article at Luminous Landscape explaining the DxoMark and how to make the most of it. The article is technical and long, but it is intended for the average photographer, not the camera/sensor... Continue

Marathon HD-DSLR Cinema e-workshop by Vincent Laforet at Creative Live (free to watch live), April 29, 2010
If you like free, Vincent Laforet will be sharing the sugar (for free) with the rest of us at the Chase Jarvis CreativeLive website. It is free to watch live, but registration (free) is required. This is no one-hour class,... Continue

Calumet DVDs for $10 each, including 3.5 hours of Michael Reichmann (Luminous), February 1, 2010
Calumet is offering four of their educational DVDs for $10 each with free shipping. Continue

Don't be afraid of DSLR Video says dpreview, December 1, 2009
Are you a die-hard stills photographer that vehemently opposed and went out of your way to ignore anything-video, but now that DSLRs have HD-video functionality, you cannot resist the sirens? If yes, dpreview has prepared an introductory tutorial - a... Continue

Are you ready for some football? (NFL variety), November 2, 2009
Scott Kelby shares some tips after shooting a recent NFL football game. Continue

Detailed planning for the big photographic trip - Hogan's tips, October 28, 2009
Thom Hogan writes about planning big photography trips and shares details and practical suggestions. Continue


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