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(ENDED) Mobile World Congress Live Announcements In Next Few Hours: Sony, Nokia, Samsung, etc [updated], February 23, 2014
The announcements happened at the 2014 Mobile World Congress on Monday 2/24/14 revealing new flagship smartphones from Samsung and Sony among other things... The original alert for the announcements is after the jump for historical reference only (the events already... Continue

Hands-on with the new cameras and CP+ Trade Show Floor round-up, February 13, 2014
As it is often the case with important Trade Shows, we get a flurry of new product announcements on the eve of the official opening of the doors. In this post, we round up hands-on reports and previews of some... Continue

Mega Roundup #2: Hands-On Reports from the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor , January 13, 2014
On Friday we posted the first CES 2014 Mega Round-up. This is Part #2, covering posts and reports we did not previously mention. Here we go... A lot of the newly announced cameras and lenses are available for pre-order at... Continue

Mega Roundup: Hands-On Reports from the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor , January 10, 2014
And now time for the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor Hands-On Reports mega-round-up! To make it easier to scan, skim and read, we are grouping the posts by camera manufacturer and within that, by individual camera or product or product... Continue

CES 2014: Schedule for Live-blogging or Live-Video Company Presentations, January 5, 2014
Some of the major companies have scheduled featured events at the CES 2014 trade show and they will be covered either with live-blogging or live-video at the various technology websites/blogs and by the company's themselves. It is unknown what type... Continue

Three Kodak-branded M43rds Primes spotted at Photo Plus Expo (25mm f0.95, 50mm f1.1, 8mm f3 fish) with pictures of and pictures taken with, October 25, 2013
A trio of Kodak-branded Micro Four Thirds prime lenses were spotted at the Photo Plus Expo 2013 in New York by Theblographer who has a detailed report with pictures of the lenses and pictures taken with the lenses. The three... Continue

Sigma streaming events live from the PDN Photo Expo Plus in NYC, October 24, 2013
More and more companies are discovering the interwebs as they intersect the conventional trade shows and conventions. Sigma has a live stream from the PDN Photo Plus Expo Trade show which they call the #SigmaSafari: featuring hands-on shooting experiences starring... Continue

Photo Plus Expo Opens Its Door to Public tomorrow Thursday October 24, October 23, 2013
With no Photokina this year, the spotlight shines brighter on all the other photography trade shows. Opening its doors tomorrow to the public is the PDN Photo Plus Trade Show in New York City. The Expo part will be open... Continue

Mark your Calendars: Apple Announcement on Tuesday around 1pm New York City time, October 21, 2013
Whether you love or hate Apple, or you are somewhere in-between, Apple events can be events or spectacles, if nothing else, to watch the reaction of everybody else reacting to the announcements. So mark your calendars, there is going to... Continue

IFA 2013 recap so far: Sony, Samsung, Wacom, Canon, Schneider, September 4, 2013
It has been a rather eventful IFA 2013 in Berlin so far. This post summarizes some of the big announcements so far. Sony stole the show with their new QX100 and QX10 sensor-lens-modules-for-smartphones, offering 1" and 1/2.3" sensors and zoom... Continue

Samsung IFA 2013: the era of Wrist Photography Has Began with Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, September 4, 2013
The next big IFA 2013 after the Sony announcement was the Samsung IFA 2013 announcement at 1pm New York City time. The event was live-streamed on YouTube by Samsung Mobile and covered at the The Verge Live Blog from IFA... Continue

Sony IFA 2013 presentation live-blogging on the internet and live-streamed on YouTube, September 4, 2013
UPDATE (11:13am ET): the Sony QX100 and QX10 are now officially announced and available for pre-order... The blog-post below will no longer be updated as the official IFA 2013 announcement is over... Live-Blogging of the Sony IFA 2013 announcement The... Continue

(ENDED) Mark your calendars: Sony and Samsung Live Events at IFA 2013 at 10am and 1pm New York City time on Wednesday 9/4/13, September 3, 2013
These events took place on September 4 in 2013. The blog-post below remains after the jump for historical reference... Mark your celandars and set up your alarm clocks! There will be two high profile IFA 2013 events in Berlin tomorrow... Continue

Trade Show Ending: Focus On Imaging (Birmingham, UK), June 1, 2013
One of the biggest annual photographic trade shows in Europe is no more. Focus on Imaging, a trade show that takes place in the first quarter every year in Birmingham::UK is no more. The 2013 trade show was the last... Continue

Google I/O begins Wednesday: may or may not have photography impact, May 14, 2013
Google I/O, Google's big developers conference will begin on Wednesday May 14. It may or may not have announcements that impact photography. Google is all over the place in terms of technology and moonshot projects, so who knows. The various... Continue


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