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Photographers vote Canon S90 IS with their money (new top sellers), August 24, 2009
In this update, the Canon S90is matches its buzz with strong pre-orders, the Nikon D700 picks up momentum, and the Canon SD1200 is selling like 99c coffee! Continue

New Top Selling Cameras soap-opera update: Canon SD1200is rules, July 21, 2009
In this new edition of the top selling digital cameras charts we have a five-pack of Canon SD1200is models, and a Canon 3-0 victory in the DSLR world. Continue

Micro Four Thirds puts two cameras in the Top 75 (new top sellers), July 6, 2009
We have a new edition of the Top Selling Camera Charts, where the Micro Four Thirds coalition manages to put two cameras in the Top 75. Not a small feat for the non-CaNiKoNs out there. Continue

The new wave, superzooms and DSLRs (new top sellers update), June 28, 2009
In this edition, we have the usual suspects (DSLRs, superzooms), along with a new wave of new entries in the top 25 adding some variety and spice to the mix. Continue

New Top Selling Camera Charts update posted (finally!), June 21, 2009
And we are back with a new top selling digital cameras chart update! In today's edition, we see superzooms on every street corner :) Continue

New top selling camera charts: New models retreat, Sony's S-series does well, May 10, 2009
In this edition of the top selling digital cameras, we have a new winner in the superzoom battle, Sony's S-series, and the new hot cameras retreating. Continue

DSLRs and Superzooms flourish, Canon SD780IS invades the Top 25 (new top selling camera charts), May 1, 2009
In this edition of the Top Selling digital camera charts soap-opera, we have more good days for the DSLRs and Superzooms, success by the Sony HX1 and S980, and the Canon SD780is invasion. Continue

DSLRs and SuperZooms are now the majority in the Top 25, April 26, 2009
In this new top selling cameras update, we have seven DSLRs and six superzooms, including the brand new Rebel T1i jumping all the way to the #10 spot. Continue

D5000 beats T1i this time, Canon vs Panasonic wars heat up (new top sellers), April 17, 2009
In this edition of the Top Selling Digital Cameras, the superzoom wars between Canon and Panasonic heat up, the Nikon D5000 jumps in the Top 25 just three days after announcement, and other stories. Continue

New Top Sellers after three weeks (SuperZoom Wars heat up, 2009 models arrive), March 31, 2009
After three weeks, we are back with a new edition of the top selling digital cameras where we see a lot of the 2009 cameras starting to ship and get initial discounts. Continue

New Top Sellers: Discount impact, SuperZoom Wars, Pre-Orders, March 11, 2009
A new update of the top selling digital cameras shows that no market the state of the economy, a really good bargain will not go unnoticed among potential buyers. Continue

New top selling digital cameras update, March 8, 2009
In this update, three sub-$100 digital cameras make their Top 25 debut, perhaps in yet another sign of the current economic times. Continue

Nikon D90 holds ground (new top selling digital camera charts), February 26, 2009
In this new edition of the top selling digital camera charts, we notice the Nikon D90 showing staying power, and some of the new cameras showing up in the Top 100 as pre-orders. Continue

Nikon DSLRs refuse to lose, Sony has bittersweet success (new top sellers), February 20, 2009
In this episode, we talk about the three Nikon DSLRs in the Top25 and Sony's bittersweet success in the Top 25 as the price-dropping Cybershots pick up buyers. Continue

The Invisible Hand of the Market spanks Canon (new top sellers), February 14, 2009
In this new top selling digital cameras, we see the first time that a new Canon A-series without manual exposure makes its Top 25 debut after months and months of being on the market. Continue


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