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New Top Selling Cameras Snapshot posted, October 13, 2012
Now that the Photokina 2012 madness is in the rear view mirror, we took another snapshot of the top selling cameras at Amazon. You can see today's snapshot at the Top Selling Cameras blog. REMINDER: These are snapshots of the... Continue

New Top Selling Cameras snapshot posted, August 12, 2012
Another small victory for Operation Reclaim Time! We have just updated the Top Selling Cameras mini-site with a August 12 snapshot. These are snapshots of the top selling camera charts at Amazon. While they are snapshots, the Amazon data in... Continue

New Top Selling Cameras snapshot posted, July 27, 2012
We just updated the Top Selling Camera Charts page with a snapshot taken today. Just like the Olympic athletes, we need a couple more practices before we re-start our usual chart-psychobabble talk. It is important to note that there is... Continue

Returning feature after two years: Top Selling Camera Charts, July 15, 2012
We have a second victory from Operation Reclaim Time, the return of the Top Selling Camera Charts at Amazon, after a two year hiatus caused mainly by the flood of new camera models that ate up more and more of... Continue

New Top selling cameras (Canon dethroned, Panasonic rises, Foveon makes the Top 100), August 3, 2010
Time for a new edition of the on-going Top Selling Digital Cameras at Amazon soap-opera! There is plenty of action in this edition, so, as usual, we start with a screenshot teaser and then filibuster ;-) Canon is stoned and... Continue

New Top Selling Digital Camera update (after almost three months), July 14, 2010
All apologies for the near three-month delay in-between updates, but we finally have a brand new snapshot of the top selling digital cameras at Amazon. This is a recurring feature, but if you are seeing this for the first time,... Continue

New Top Selling Cameras (Pentax returns to Top 100), April 22, 2010
After a 50-day delay, we have a new update of the Top Selling Cameras at Amazon, with Pentax returning to Top 100, and things like that. Continue

New top selling cameras: T2i debut, superzoom wars heat up, March 2, 2010
We have a new update of the top selling cameras, with the superzoom wars heating up once again and the Digital Rebel T2i making its top 25 debut. Continue

Panasonic dethrones Canon and Pentax returns to Top 100 in new Amazon Top Sellers update, February 8, 2010
In this new update, Panasonic takes over the top five from Canon, and Pentax returns to the Top 100. Continue

No longer a walk in the park for Canon (new top selling cameras update), January 20, 2010
In the new Hot 100 top selling cameras, we have movements, discounts, and the usual excitement. Continue

New top selling cameras: the consumers rush in, December 21, 2009
In this new update, the holiday specials influence the charts (TZ7, D-Rebels, D3000/D5000, G11, etc), and the consumers rush in buying gifts. Continue

New Top Selling Digital Cameras update: prices drop, Nikon attacks, November 22, 2009
Price drops dictate the action in this new update, as many many cameras have dropped in price since mid-October. Continue

New Top Selling DSLRs: Canon and Nikon reign supreme, November 20, 2009
In this update, Canon and Nikon push further ahead, the Kx discounting brings it back in the Top 20, and the discounting trend continues! Continue

New DSLR top-sellers: Canon 7D flies, D300s finds groove, prices drop again, November 6, 2009
In this update, we have Canon 7D and Nikon D300s action, and price drops across the board. Continue

Samsung dual-screen cameras an early success? (new top sellers), October 19, 2009
In this edition, we look at the early success of the Samsung TL-series (dual-screen cameras), and things like that. Continue


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