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top DSLR sellers archives (40 posts)

Canon T2i starts strong, Nikon D3s crashes Top 25, Olympus E-PL1 lackluster (new top selling DSLRs update), February 10, 2010
In this new update, the Canon T2i has a solid debut, the Nikon D3s crashes the top 25, the K-x builds up momentum, and the E-PL1 is lackluster. Continue

New DSLR Top Sellers: Pentax K-x at #7, Nikon bites Canon, February 3, 2010
In this top selling DSLRs update, the Pentax K-x zoomier kit crashes the top 10 and Nikon pushed Canon back. Continue

New DSLR Top Sellers: Reality bites Leica M9, January 28, 2010
In this edition, we see the Leica M9 dropping down to the 80s, and Canon and Nikon taking over 23 of the 25 spots Continue

Both Leica M9 colors invade the Amazon DSLR Top 20, January 22, 2010
Another week, time for a new update of the top selling DSLRs at Amazon. As usual, if this is your first visit, be sure to read the introduction first. The Leica Invasion It's not often you see one Leica M-series... Continue

Leica M9 makes Top 25 debut (new DSLR top sellers update), January 17, 2010
In this new update, the Leica M9 makes its top 25 debut, and the Olympus E520 two-lens kit crashes the top 10 on the strength of a $415 limited time special. Continue

New DSLR Top sellers: La Resistance has formed (Kx and G), January 11, 2010
In this edition, we see prices going up for Nikons, and the Pentax K-x kits showing staying power. Continue

New Top Sellers: Sony guest-appearance, Goodbye Nikon D40, prices going up, January 4, 2010
In this new edition, we see prices going up, the Nikon D40 and D60 on exit orbit for reals this time, Sony making a guest appearance and such. Continue

New DSLR Top Sellers: K-x soup, GF1 steady, D300s is ...Stella, December 27, 2009
In this update, we have K-x soup, GF1 in-stock, and D300s finding its groove. Continue

New top selling DSLRs: we expand to Top 25, December 23, 2009
We have now expanded the Top 20 DSLRs to a Top 25 to accommodate all the different kits. Continue

New Top Selling DSLRs update: The Holiday Shoppers are in, December 15, 2009
The consumers are in and the consumer-tier DSLRs are increasing in popularity (as expected!) Continue

New DSLR Top Sellers soap-opera: Nikon grabs #1, December 9, 2009
We have a new top selling dSLRs update, and in this episode the Nikon D3000 grabs the #1 spot. Continue

New Top Selling DSLRs: Pentax K-x moves in again, December 3, 2009
In this new Top 20, we have upwards movement from the Pentax K-x kits. Continue

New top selling DSLRs: Nikon D3000 jumps, Panasonic is La Resistance, November 13, 2009
In this edition, the Nikon D3000 jumps into the top five, and the Panasonic carries the flag for the resistance. Continue

Pentax K-x makes Top 20 debut in new top selling DSLRs update, October 29, 2009
We take another snapshot at the Top 20, where one of the Pentax K-x two-lens kit is making its top 15 debut! Continue

New top selling DSLR updates, October 24, 2009
In this edition, we notice the impact of things that are not there :) Continue


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