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Curiosity factor: dpreview tests HTC's Ultrapixels claims with 10-page review, June 4, 2013
HTC generated some buzz earlier on when they announced their new HTC One flagship phone with a camera with "Ultrapixels" instead of "megapixels". How does it perform when put under camera-review scrutiny? dpreview::connect just published their ten page report on... Continue

New pixel-peeper monitor: ASUS announces 32-inch 4K monitor at Computex, June 1, 2013
At the Computex Trade Show in Taipei::Taiwan [see Trade Show Calendar], ASUS revealed a new 4K computer monitor, the PQ321 monitor, at the 32-inch class size (actual size 31.5 inches). It will have 3840 x 2160 resolution, with LED backlight,... Continue

Mobile: New Nokia Lumia 925 camera-phone and new Smart Camera app, May 14, 2013
Once upon a time Microsoft and Nokia ruled the world. Now they are the challengers in the mobile world! This morning's Nokia announcement revealed a third co-flagship Lumia camera-smart-phone, the slimmer and lighter aluminum Lumia 925. It has a 8.7... Continue

New Nokia Lumia 928 uber-phone with Zeiss Lens, Optical Image Stabilization, PureView, May 10, 2013
Fridays are typically quiet days, but not today! In addition to the new Olympus E-P5 and Japan-only-for-now E-PL6 M43rds cameras, we had a new super-camera-phone announcement, this one coming from Nokia with a Zeiss lens, optical image stabilization and the... Continue

Adobe now making hardware: Smart Stylus and Smart Ruler, May 7, 2013
More and more companies these days are jumping on the let's-start-making-hardware bandwagon and today another one joined them, a software company, Adobe, at the Adobe MAX event, revealed their new Smart Stylus and Smart Ruler. An upcoming app will accompany... Continue

Leakage: Sony Uber Cybershot Phone with 1/1.6" Exmor stacked sensor and G lens, May 1, 2013
Sony is trying to make progress in the world of uber-phones and a new leakage at reveals a new "Sony Honami" uber-phone with a 1/1.6" Exmor RS stacked sensor and a Sony G Lens. This uber-phone is so camera-ish,... Continue

New Wacom Cintiq 22HD graphics/drawing tablet with multi-touch announced, May 1, 2013
Touch screens are making their way into more things, including graphics aka drawing tablets for digital artists and retouchers. Wacom announces the new Cintiq 22HD, model DTH2200, with a multi touch display. As the model name suggests, this is a... Continue

In-stock Curiosity: HTC One 4G (AT&T) smartphone with Ultrapixels, April 24, 2013
The curiosity factor HTC One 4G smartphone with its Ultrapixel technology is now in-stock and shipping for $650 with free 2-day shipping without a contract/service-plan at Amazon by Amazon in the AT&T flavor. If you are willing to sign a... Continue

Curiosity factor: Hands-on with Lynx A 3D camera/tablet Kickstarter Prototype, April 18, 2013
Another curiosity item for or from the future. The Kickstarter project that was started by universities students in Texas has a working prototype in the hands of Engadget, and Engadget published a hands on video with it. No one knows... Continue

Curiosity factor: Hands-on with Google Glass, April 18, 2013
Taking pictures is getting easier and easier these days. You don't even have to pull out your smartphone if you are planning to wear Google Glass. This tech curiosity that has taken the early-adopter geeks by storm is now getting... Continue

Google Glass official specs reveal 5mp camera with 720p video, April 15, 2013
Google support has officially revealed the general specs of their Google Glass, revealing a 5 megapixel camera that can also record 720p video. It has 12GB of usable memory (16GB total). The display is the equivalent of a 25 foot... Continue

New Wacom 13-inch 1080p LED graphics computer tablet (stand-alone model in future), March 19, 2013
Wacom has announced a new computer-attachable graphics tablet, the 13-inch Cintiq 13HD with a 1920x1080 HD LED display with a starting price of around $1000 or 900 euro. This works with PC or Mac computers and needs to be attached... Continue

Dell announces new 30-inch UltraSharp PremierColor monitor (also: 29-inch ultra wide 21:9), February 12, 2013
Dell has announced new UltraSharp PremierColor monitors, headlined by the 30-inch Dell UltraSharp U3014 with a starting price of $1500. Details are sketchy at the moment since the press release is written in PR-speak and does not really give the... Continue

Raspberry Pi reveals $25 imaging module with 5mp fixed focus Omnivision sensor (and 1080p video), February 7, 2013
Raspberries are good for you. Oops, that was for the 1001 Noisy Nutritionists blog. Back on topic! Raspberries are good for you if you are looking for affordable and modifiable and hackable computer boards, and of photography interest, Raspberry Pi... Continue

Business News: Samsung buys 5% stake in Wacom, February 3, 2013
While it was raining new cameras at CP Plus, there was Samsung action on the dollars and sense front. Samsung has purchased 5% of Wacom, the company that makes the popular with some digital creatives Intuos graphics tablets. Samsung spent... Continue


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