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system switch archives (6 posts)

The Big Decision: Roger Cicala decides on his new camera system, February 17, 2013
Decision time! The on-going technical soap opera that was Roger Cicala's quest for a camera system that meets his personal photographic needs, preferences and priorities has concluded. A winning system has been selected among three finalists. Did he buy outside... Continue

Roger Cicala Camera System Reality Show: Pricing Competing Camera Systems, February 7, 2013
We have a new episode in the text and charts based reality show that is Roger Cicala's quest to find a camera system for his personal use. In this episode, he builds up and camera systems based on his preferences... Continue

Camera Bachelorette: Roger Cicala posts very detailed camera system evaluation, February 5, 2013
Roger Cicala has published another very interesting article, an in-depth look at his camera system evaluation process. This episode is Screening the Candidates. This is a thorough process, including a list of requirements, a technical filtering process including DxoMark charts,... Continue

Speculation: Is Laforet switching out of Canon?, February 10, 2011
Fake Chuck notices that Vincent Laforet is having a big sale of his Canon SLR gear. We are not talking just one or two things, but one of each 1D-series DSLRs, a still-in-box 5DMk2, and over a dozen expensive $lense$.... Continue

High-profile switches: one to Nikon, one to Canon, October 22, 2010
Photographers have a very complicated relationship with their gear, and as with everything, things change over time, both the gear and photographic needs. So, as painful as it may be, switching brands and lens mounts is not uncommon. Today we... Continue

System Switch: Canon to Nikon for wedding photographer Allister Freeman, July 6, 2010
The ebbs and flows of DSLRs typically cause switches among professional photographers, and in this episode, wedding photographer Allister Freeman documents his switch from Canon to Nikon, and more specifically from the Canon 5D Mark II to the Nikon D700... Continue


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