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New Canon Powershots: SX700 HS superzoom, D30 waterproof and three new Elphs, February 11, 2014
Canon has announced five new Powershot P&S cameras, one superzoom, one waterproof and three new Elph models. The Canon Powershot SX 700 HS has a 16mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor with DiGiC 6, a 30x optical zoom lens (25-750mm eq),... Continue

New Sony Cybershots: four H-series superzooms (one is 63x optical) and two W-series compacts, February 11, 2014
Sony announced six new Cybershot P&S digital cameras today in the build-up to the influential Japanese CP+ 2014 trade show. Three of the new cameras are superzooms in the H*-series and two are compact P&S models in the W*-series. No... Continue

New Nikon Coolpix models headlined by P600 (60x superzoom) and P340 (rawsumer), February 6, 2014
Nikon too joined the Friday announcement party with a new round of Coolpix digital cameras. Among them is the Coolpix P600 with a 60x optical zoom and the Coolpix P340, a 1/1.x" compact with RAW with Wifi. The rest? No... Continue

New Olympus Stylus SP-100EE 50x superzoom with "Dot Sight" (and new TG-850 elementproof), January 28, 2014
Olympus has announced two new fixed-lens digital cameras today. First up, the 50x optical zoom (24-1200mm eq) Stylus SP-100EE with a new feature, "Dot Sight", a built-in popup that promises to help with framing and tracking and zooming. Hands-on with... Continue

Kodak (JK Imaging) dethrones Samsung with new 65x optical zoom digital camera, January 9, 2014
Samsung briefly held the "zoom ratio wars" crown earlier in the week with the announcement of their new WB2220F (60x optical zoom), but they didn't hold on to the crown for too long. JK Imaging announced a new 65x optical... Continue

New at CES 2014: Toshiba retro-focus module, Lexar CFast 2.0, JVC camcorders, EyeFi, etc, January 7, 2014
And now lettuce serve up some of the side dish announcements that were not on the main menu at yesterday's announcement luncheon. Wow, so many food puns in one sentence! *hangs head in shame* + the 60x Samsung WB2200F superzoom... Continue

Samsung launches a 60x optical zoom superzoom dual grip digital camera (five new ones today), January 7, 2014
Samsung announced today five new Wifi superzooms. They did not announce these during their CES presentation yesterday. These five cameras feel dissed ;-) But Samsung is grabbing the headlines by "winning" the "size" wars with a new 60x optical zoom... Continue

New smaller Nikon D3300 DSLR with new 18-55 kit lens, new 35mm f1.8G SLR lens (and various Coolpixies), January 6, 2014
Nikon is back with a new APS-C DSLR announcement, it is the D3300, the fourth in the D3xxx series. Small is the key feature here, Nikon claims significant reduction in size and weight over the previous models. To match the... Continue

The new Fuji S1: first Weather Resistant (water, dust) 50X superzoom, January 6, 2014
We have another attempt by a camera manufacturer to stress the benefits of a stand-alone digital camera. Fuji announced today (perhaps the world's first) weather-resistant superzoom digital camera. And by superzoom it is a 50x optical zoom 24-1200mm f2.8-5.6 with... Continue

Fuji announces two new AA-powered EVF 50X superzooms (plus one 36x AA), January 6, 2014
If you are a fan of AA powered superzooms and you have been getting frustrated that camera manufacturers are shifting away from AA power, fear not. Fuji announced today three new AA-powered superzooms! Two of the three have a 50x... Continue

New Canon SX600 HS Wifi NFC superzoom and camcorders and ultra-mobile printer and mini camcorder, January 6, 2014
The N100 is not the only camera announced by Canon at CES 2014. They added one more model to their superzoom line-up, it is the new Powershot SX600 HS. It will have a starting price of $250, in black or... Continue

New Android camera: Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, January 2, 2014
Samsung is picking up where it left off in 2013 by starting 2014 wit a new round of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink announcements. New for 2014 is the new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, an Android digital camera running Android 4.3. It has a... Continue

New Olympus Stylus 1 is a 1/1.7" rawsumer with 28-300mm eq f2.8 constant lens, October 28, 2013
Olympus has been slowly but steadily trying to upscale the image of "Stylus" in the digital era, and today, they have taken it to the next level, at least in terms of photographic-camera looks, with the new Stylus 1 digital... Continue

New Casio EX-Z1100 CMOS compact-zoom with flip-out LCD display, September 18, 2013
Casio got an early start in the world of digital cameras, but it has been a slow, steady, systematic decline ever since. With everyone and their digital mother launching new (mirrorless) camera systems, Casio has further fallen behind in that... Continue

New Camera Announcement (tape delayed): Ricoh HZ15 compact-zoom (16mp, 15x optical), September 2, 2013
From the Tape Delayed New Camera Announcements department, Ricoh revealed a new compact-zoom under the Ricoh brand, the HZ15, featuring a 16mp sensor and a 15x optical zoom lens starting at 24mm eq (24-360mm eq) with sensor-shift image stabilization. No... Continue


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