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Here you will find blog-posts with the latest Sony related news, rumors and updates published at the main blog. In addition, you can find links to our Sony related updates on these dedicated mini-sites:

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Sony and Panasonic agree on Archival optical discs (coming Summer 2015), March 10, 2014
Taking pictures is where the fun is, but the hard truth is that every photographer has to wear a mini IT system administrator hat in order to deal with backups and backups of backups and even more backups. And G-d... Continue

(ENDED) Mobile World Congress Live Announcements In Next Few Hours: Sony, Nokia, Samsung, etc [updated], February 23, 2014
The announcements happened at the 2014 Mobile World Congress on Monday 2/24/14 revealing new flagship smartphones from Samsung and Sony among other things... The original alert for the announcements is after the jump for historical reference only (the events already... Continue

New Sony a6000 E-mount mirrorless camera [with hands-on reports], February 11, 2014
The NEX name may be gone from Sony marketing, but it still lives in the hearts of many NEX photographers! But the new NEX E-mount cameras have the new naming scheme, it is the brand new Alpha a6000! The body... Continue

FE E-mount Lenses: Sony 70-200mm f4G OSS for $1500, February 11, 2014
The new Sony 70-200mm f4G OSS NEX E-mount mirrorless-system lens has a price, and it is a premium full frame price, $1500 as pointed by dpreview. Not sure if anyone would be interested in sticking this not-so-tiny lens on those... Continue

New Sony Cybershots: four H-series superzooms (one is 63x optical) and two W-series compacts, February 11, 2014
Sony announced six new Cybershot P&S digital cameras today in the build-up to the influential Japanese CP+ 2014 trade show. Three of the new cameras are superzooms in the H*-series and two are compact P&S models in the W*-series. No... Continue

The Sony A99 returns as a luxury DSLR - the new Hasselblad HV, February 3, 2014
Hasselblad is back with their Sony cloning program. This time they have gone 35mm full frame SLT dSLR, by announcing the new Hasselblad HV, based on the good old Sony Alpha A99 [reviews]. Having the Hasseblad brand means you have... Continue

Tablet Photography Strikes Back: Sony makes Tablet attachments for QX sensor-lens smartphone modules, January 29, 2014
For a variety of reasons, tablet photography spawned a series of jokes, jests, japes, and jeers across the internets (present company included). But a camera is a camera and a picture is a picture, and Sony is now giving tablet... Continue

Medium Format CMOS Sensor Mania Week: new Phase One IQ250 digital back with Sony CMOS sensor, January 24, 2014
This is the unofficial medium format CMOS sensor week. Earlier on, Hasselblad went CMOS. Now we have the new Phase One IQ250 digital back with a Sony CMOS sensor and a starting price of $35,000. The IQ250 will be available... Continue

What's Inside? Sony artistically shows what's inside the QX100 sensor-lens smartphone module, January 16, 2014
Sony is trying to turn teardowns in some kind of gadget art form, they have a 2-minute video showing the different pieces of the Sony QX100 sensor-lens smartphone module "grow" in parallel and then come together. Right now, you can... Continue

Lunacy Limited Edition: Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition (only 200 copies availalble), January 13, 2014
Once upon a time Hasselblad was a very respected photography company. Now they are the subject of ridicule with their "designer" editions of cameras only photophools drowning in money would buy. But if their previous photophools cameras were not "elite"... Continue

(ENDED) Ends by Tue 3am ET: Sony NEX-3N w/16-50mm for $290, January 13, 2014
This deal du jour expired... The main Gold Box deal of the day at Amazon is the new condition black Sony NEX-3N with 16-50mm offered for $290 with free shipping. This offer is good until Tuesday 1/14/14 at 3am ET... Continue

New Sony Alpha a5000 mirrorless camera with NEX (not SLR) looks for $600, January 6, 2014
The Sony CEO had the keynote speech tonight at CES 2014, so the Sony announcements are coming later than the other manufacturers. Sony's announcement is headlined by a new APS-C E-Mount mirrorless camera, the Sony Alpha a5000. Despite the "a5000"... Continue

(SOLD OUT) Mirrorless Deal: white Sony NEX-3N w/16-50mm for $300, January 4, 2014
As of a 1/5/14 recheck, this is sold out and no longer available for purchase at Adorama... While updating Camera Reviews stream and price-checking the recently reviewed cameras, we spotted a discount, the white Sony NEX-3N with the 16-50mm lens... Continue

Sony a3000 w/18-55 for $280 continues [updated again], December 23, 2013
Amazon is offering the Sony a3000 w/18-55 for $280 with free shipping! This is new condition, sold and shipped by Amazon itself. Limit two per customer. The price of the camera may or may not change at any time. The... Continue

Dxomark delivers its Sony RX10 verdict, December 19, 2013
The pixel peeping elves at Dxomark are back with a new lab test report. This time they focused on the Sony Cybershot RX10, the one with the 1-inch sensor and the constant aperture zoom lens. Dxomark compares it to the... Continue


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