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sony wx1 archives (15 posts)

Review Train (Alpha A390, Leica X1, Sony HX5v, etc), July 28, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! Thanks to their new "Quick Review" format, dpreview is able to cover more cameras, and one of the beneficiaries of this new feature is the brand new Sony Alpha A390 DSLR,... Continue

Camera phones vs Sony WX1 vs Samsung HZ35w/WB650, June 26, 2010
No, we haven't accidentally pressed "publish" on our April 1st 2011 story ;-) This actually happened at Mac World where they had a camera-comparison between camera phones, along with the Sony WX1 and the Samsung HZ35w/WB650. The smartphone "competitors" were... Continue

Review Train (W90 fun review, HX5v, EX-H15, S2500hd, WX1, SX210, BIGMA OS), April 28, 2010
We have a big digital camera review round-up featuring select compacts and superzooms, along with two looks at the BIGMA OS, and a fun(ny) review of the Pentax W90 that puts its element-proof claims to the test. Continue

Sony Party-Shot in action (video clip), December 7, 2009
Quesabesde takes a video-look at the Sony Party Shot feature. Continue

New review lists created (2 DSLRs, 5 compacts), November 20, 2009
We have added review lists for the Sony WX1, Nikon S1000pj, Casio EX-H10, Fuji F70 EXR, and more. Continue

Sony WX1 review at Imaging Resource (Exmor-R camera), October 14, 2009
Imaging Resource has copmleted their Exmor-R review set with the Sony WX1 review. Continue

MemoryStick firestorm (October 2009 edition), October 9, 2009
A new installment of the proprietary memory card format "wars" is revisited at CNet after a review of a the Sony Cybershot WX1. Continue

How did the Exmor-R sensor do? (Sony TX1 review at Imaging Rescource), October 7, 2009
Imaging Resource has posted their express review on the Sony TX1, with the main point of interest being their findings on the Exmor-R sensor! Continue

Two more looks at the Sony WX1 from Japan, October 4, 2009
Two more looks at the Sony WX1 from two Japanese websites, DC Watch and Continue

Top two Sony Cybershots get reviewed today: WX1 and HX1, September 30, 2009
Sony's top two Cybershot models, the WX1 and HX1 got reviewed today at CNet and Imaging Resource. Continue

Impact review: Imaging Resource tests the Fuji F200-EXR , September 15, 2009
Imaging Resource has just posted their express review of the Fuji F200-EXR digital camera. Continue

Sony WX1 and TX1 Exmor R test-samples at Imaging Resource, September 3, 2009
Curiosity time! Imaging Resource has posted plenty of their regular test shots using the new Sony WX1 and TX1, the new Exmor-R based compact digital cameras. Continue

Sony WX1 full-size sample pictures from Japan, August 7, 2009
From Japan, we have a new wave of Sony Cybershot WX1 full-size sample pictures from Japanese website Continue

New Sony Cybershot WX1 is a promising P&S compact with 24-120mm lens and Exmor-R CMOS, August 5, 2009
Sony's new Cybershot WX1 offers a promising P&S camera, with the Exmor R sensor and a versatile 24-120mm "G" lens. Continue

Sony Cybershot TX1 and WX1 leaked (with 10mp CMOS sensors), July 4, 2009
The Sony WX1 and TX1 have been leaked through a retailer's website notes Sony Insider. Continue


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