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sony nex3 archives (34 posts)

Reviews & Samples (E-P3, A580, K-r, etc), July 7, 2011
Time to see what the review cat brought in today! Lens reviews as usual at the lens reviews dome. Here we go, in lightning round format: + Olympus E-P3 full-size JPEG and RAW real-world samples at Focus Numerique + Olympus... Continue

Newsbytes (Apple Final Cut Pro X official, Canon T3i colors, Mamiyathon, firmware), June 21, 2011
And now time to catch up with some of the latest news in a lightning round format, otherwise we will end up with 30 new posts per day ;-) News + Apple has made Final Cut Pro X officially released... Continue

More action on the new Sony A35 and NEX-C3 (also: more firmware updates), June 8, 2011
Time to round-up the latest action on the new Sony A35 and NEX-C3, published after we finalized last night's announcement round-ups. As you can see below, the NEX-C3 has received more attention than the A35. Sony A35 action + video... Continue

New Sony A35 pellicle-DSLR, NEX-C3 mirrorless, 30/3.5 NEX, HVL-F20S flash, June 7, 2011
Sony has just announced two new interchangeable lens cameras, a new macro NEX lens and a new flash unit! Here are the announcement round-ups for each one: + the Alpha A35 pellicle-mirror DSLR, the third in their line-up + the... Continue

Reviews Etc (D7000, K-r, NEX-3, GH2, XZ1, ISO comps, etc), March 15, 2011
Time to round up some of the latest reviews from the photo-blogo-sphere. Lens reviews as usual can be found at the Lens Reviews mini-site, and M43rds-related reviews at the mini-site. Shockingly both mini-sites have managed to remain disciplined and... Continue

Reviews Etc (K-5, X100, XZ1, LX5, P7000, HX100v, eXtReMe, etc), February 27, 2011
Welcome to a new edition of Reviews, Bath and Beyond! As usual, lens reviews are organized in the surprisingly still-disciplined lens reviews outhouse. Interchangeable Lens Cameras + Pentax K-5 review at Enticing the Light - part #1 (stains, stains, stains!)... Continue

Goodbye Sony NEX-3: Sony Japan ends production, February 23, 2011
Sony Japan is ending production of the Sony NEX-3 says DC Watch Impress (computer translated). As most of you who follow mirrorless cameras probably know, the NEX-3 lived in the shadow of the NEX-5. But the discontinuation this early is... Continue

Review Train (NEXxies, Sony F3, Canon G12, Pentax K-5, 645D, etc), November 24, 2010
Welcome to a new edition of the "Review Train". For previous installments, check the Reviews category archives. Lens reviews are as usual posted at the Lens Reviews Buffet. Pentax has managed to go from being a K-mostly company to having... Continue

Review Train & Samples Parade (Canon G12, Panasonic LX5, et al), October 18, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train", with an expected seasonal increase in samples from recently-released cameras. We start with traditional reviews... ... with RAWsumers. DC-Resource has completed their Canon G12 review, while Camera Labs has completed their... Continue

Sony NEX-related firmware is released (gives 14 Alpha lenses autofocus on NEX!), October 14, 2010
The promised new Sony NEX-related firmware that gives fourteen (14) Alpha lenses the ability to autofocus when mounted on NEX cameras using the magic LA-EA1 adapter has now been released for the world to try! The firmware update has some... Continue

Sony October 12: Pink Sony NEX-3, new firmware coming October 14 [updated], October 11, 2010
Sony was scheduled to have a press event in Japan right now (it is October 12 in Japan), and it looks like they announced a pink Sony NEX-3 with matching pink accessories. See it at Japanese website DC Watch and... Continue

Sony promises A700 replacement today, shows advanced pellicle-mirror DSLR prototype at Photokina, reveals lens roadmap, plans AF of Alpha lenses on NEX bodies, September 21, 2010
It is Wednesday Sept 22 at 1:36am NYC time. We are not sure if there is going to be a product announcement coming or the prototype shown at the trade show floor was considered the announcement. We are confused! If... Continue

Review Train (A55 revisited, NEX-3, SD15, LX5, H4D-40, M8 IR, etc), September 11, 2010
Time again to recap some of the latest reviews that came out the last few days, interrupted by the waves of new cameras and rumors/leaks. We start at dpreview where they have updated their original review of the new Alpha... Continue

Review Train (Canon SD4000 IS, EX1 vs LX3, superzooms, NEX-5, NEX-3, etc), August 2, 2010
Time to catch up with the latest camera reviews! We start at dpreview where Richard Butler sings a new 10-page review of the back-lit Canon SD4000 IS (Ixus 300HS). This comes just a couple of days after the Imaging Resource... Continue

Review Train (Sony NEXxies, Pana GF1, superzooms, etc), July 27, 2010
Put your reading glasses on, fill up the coffee machine with half-caf, and dive into this new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with a NEXxies review party! Everyone got the memo and the reviews are out! Steve Huff... Continue


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