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sony nex-c3 archives (28 posts)

(DEAD) Daily Deal: red Sony NEX-C3 w/18-55 for $400, August 15, 2012
The red NEX-C3 deal is dead, it sold-out before the 24-hour deal window closed... If you love (or do not object to) red color cameras and want to check out the Sony NEX e-mount without breaking the bank, for $400... Continue

Reviews (GXR, A65, -C3, -PL3, etc) & On-going Reviews (NEX-7, V1, X10), December 30, 2011
Time for (probably) the last review round-up of 2011! Yes, another year has gone by! As usual, completed lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews cave and completed camera reviews can be found at the camera reviews cave...... Continue

Reviews (NEX-5n, -C3, D3100, E-P3, J1, X10, superzooms, S100 ISO), November 4, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews! The usual mix of mirrorless and superzooms dominates yet another round-up... UPDATE: We are testing a new feature for these round-ups, for cameras that have enough previous reviews, we added a link... Continue

Reviews and Hands-on mega roundup (X10, 1D X, A65, CX, NEX, M43rds, GRD4, etc), November 1, 2011
And now time to catch up with the latest reviews and hands-on previews! This is a loooong and winding edition, so fill up the coffee machine! To make it easier to scan/skim/read, we are breaking it into even more sections... Continue

Mirrorless reviews (NEX-7, NEX-C3, Pentax Q, Nikon V1 first impressions), October 23, 2011
This was not a sleepy review weekend, some of the latest mirrorless cameras du jour have had some review/preview action as follows: + Pentax Q review (and comparison to the Olympus E_PL3) at PentaxForums website + 3-page first impressions of... Continue

Reviews (A77, X100, etc) & Samples (NEX-7 RAW and ISO, A65, etc), October 22, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews, hands-onsies and samples. Plus there are two recently-started on-going, blog-style marathon reviews of the Sony Alpha A77 and Fuji X100! On-going blog-style marathon reviews + Sound Image Plus is testing out the... Continue

Reviews (A77, NEX-C3, E-PL3, J-Lo, P7100, FZ150, etc), October 11, 2011
A numbers of new reviews have gone live, so it is time for another review round up. Here we go, in lightning round format... Interchangeable Lenses + Sony Alpha A77 at Photoscala also available in computer-translatese + Sony NEX-C3 at... Continue

Reviews (NEX-5n, -C3, E-PL3, etc) & Samples (Oly 45/1.8 M43rds, E-PM1, etc), September 19, 2011
Time for another review round-up! But first, we have some good news on the next-generation Reviews site. The beta site is secretly up and running and we are asking for feedback from early adopters - if you are interested in... Continue

Reviews & Comparisons & Samples (mirrorless & superzooms only!), August 30, 2011
Time for another review round-up! For lense reviews, as usual, be sure to visit and bookmark the lens reviews farmer's market ;-) DSLRs + reviewers don't like us no more *cry* Mirrorless Comparisons + Panasonic G3 & 12/2 vs Sony... Continue

More Sony action (ISO talk, interview, first looks, and a request), August 29, 2011
It is still too early to assess the actual impact of the Sony Big Bang in the market, but that does not stop streams of speculation/predictions/etc. The initial impact of this wave may make some SLR executives feel like the... Continue

Reviews (A35, mirrorless party, Yongnuo, R2000, etc), August 29, 2011
Time to catch up with the latest reviews from the photo-blog-sphere! You can also catch up with the latest samples round-up. We split it in two because it got too long for a single post. Also: there will be yet... Continue

Sample Pictures (FZ150, Ricoh GXR M-mount, Pentax Q, E-PL3, NEX-C3, etc), August 29, 2011
There were quite a few reviews and samples out there since our previous updates, so we broke them in two pieces. This post rounds up the sample pictures! The latest reviews are rounded-up in a separate post. + Panasonic FZ150... Continue

Reviews (Sony NEX-C3, E-PL3, Fuji X100, etc), August 22, 2011
Time to take a look at some of the latest camera reviews! Lens reviews as usual can be found at the lens reviews cottage. + Sony NEX-C3 at dpreview and Photography Blog + Olympus E-PL3 at e-PhotoZine + Blogger's camera:... Continue

Sony NEX-C3 Judgment Day at dpreview, August 22, 2011
Following the two Micro Four Thirds reviews (GF3, E-P3), it is time for the Sony NEX mirrorless judgement day at dpreview! The brand new NEX-C3 with firmware 01 has received a 16-page review by dpreview! As usual we won't spill... Continue

Reviews (A35, GF3, NEX-C3 or E-P3, SLR Magic hands-ons, etc), August 19, 2011
Time to check some of today's reviews! Completed lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews mini-site. DSLRs + Sony Alpha A35 at Trusted Reviews + you may have noticed DSLR reviews are relatively rare these days - perhaps... Continue


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