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Sony Minolta Alpha DSLR overview

Fear not, we will also include the older Minolta DSLRs as well later on! But we start with what is current.

The Flagship is here
Finally officially announced as a product, the new Alpha A900a is the new 35mm full frame flagship dSLR from Sony, using their new 25mp Exmor full-frame sensor.

Existential Crisis
The Sony Alpha A700 was intended to be Sony's mid-rangey DSLR, but a wild blitz with three new DSLRs in 2008 have left the A700 in a difficult situation. But for those who need the A700 body and its features not present in the newer Sony DSLRs, or for those who detest tilting LCD screens, the A700 is waiting for you.

The Blitz
Sony broke records as it announced quite possibly the first DSLR at an CES trade show. That's where the Alpha A200 came in, soon to be followed by the Live View duo of the A300 and A350, separated by 4 megapixels. This is quite a busy overlapping line-up for Sony, some may see this as blitzing the market.

The A100 is still here!
The Alpha A100 was the first DSLR to be announced under the Sony Alpha banner, after Sony completed the acquisition of storied Minolta from the Konica-Minolta company. The generational gap may be hard to swallow for some in the ephemeral world of digital cameras, but for those who like to trade-off and look into things, the A100 may be worth a long hard look, especially considering the current prices.

The Minolta DSLR Legacy
This will be updated in Round 2, when we fill up the historic aspects of DSLRs. We are currently focusing on the current and recent models.

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Where is the review page for Nex-5 and Nex-3?


That is a good point - a lot of these pages need to be refreshed with the latest camera and new review clusters created for them. It's yet another side-effect of too-many cameras and not enough time :(

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