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sony hx5v archives (29 posts)

16mp vs 10mp 1/2.3" comparison with Sony Cybershots HX-series, February 10, 2011
The Sony Cybershot HX5v is using a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor but the just announced Sony HX7v is using a 16m 1/2.3" sensor. That is quite a jump as Sony apparently gave up on megapixel restraint. With this big change, french... Continue

Reviews, Etc (giant post-CES edition), January 10, 2011
Time for the first post-CES review round-up. This is going to be long, so put on the kettle ;-) For lens reviews, as usual, be sure to check the Lens Reviews fish bowl. Due to the size of this round-up,... Continue

Who's praising us now? The EISA 2010-2011 awards are revealed, August 16, 2010
To quote the great philosopher Stephen T. Colbert, most of the camera manufacturer marketing departments are asking today "Who's Praising Us Now?". That's because the 2010-2011 photography EISA awards have been revealed with 16 items receiving awards. EISA is a... Continue

Review Train (Alpha A390, Leica X1, Sony HX5v, etc), July 28, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! Thanks to their new "Quick Review" format, dpreview is able to cover more cameras, and one of the beneficiaries of this new feature is the brand new Sony Alpha A390 DSLR,... Continue

Reactions to dpreview's compact-fun-zoom group test, June 21, 2010
One of the biggest stories last week was the dpreview compact-fun-zoom group-test that had two surprising (to some) winners (spoiler alert!), the Casio EX-FH100 and the Samsung HZ35w/WB650. Now it is time to round-up some of the reactions to the... Continue

dpreview posts 13-camera compact-superzoom group test, June 16, 2010
Dpreview has just posted a 25-page 13-camera group test of compact-superzoom digital cameras, the so-called "fun zooms" or "travel zooms". This is an extensive 25-page report. The contestants are the Canon SX210, Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) and TZ8 (ZS3), Sony HX5... Continue

Review Train (Sony HX5v, Fuji HS10, NX10 double-header, K-7, & more), May 18, 2010
In this edition of the "Review Train", we have new reviews of the Sony HX5v, Fuji HS10 and S1600, Samsung NX10, Pentax K-7, Canon SX210 IS and more! Continue

Review Train (Panasonic G10, Samsung NX10, Bentax W90, Samsung WB600, etc), May 14, 2010
A new round-up of camera reviews includes the Panasonic G10, Samsung NX10 and WB600/HZ30, Sony HX5v and Pentax W90. Continue

Review Train (Ricoh CX3, Sony HX5v, Fuji S200exr, HS10 video review), April 30, 2010
In this review-roundup, we have new reviews of the Ricoh CX3, Sony HX5v and Fuji S200EXR. Also, a 7-minute video review of the Fuji HS10 by Quesabesde. Continue

Review Train (W90 fun review, HX5v, EX-H15, S2500hd, WX1, SX210, BIGMA OS), April 28, 2010
We have a big digital camera review round-up featuring select compacts and superzooms, along with two looks at the BIGMA OS, and a fun(ny) review of the Pentax W90 that puts its element-proof claims to the test. Continue

Superzoom shootout at Q: Sony HX5v vs Casio EX-FH100 vs Canon SX210 IS vs Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) [also Leica V-Lux 20 review], April 26, 2010
Quesabesde has published a four-way shootout between the Canon SX210 IS, Casio EX-FH100, Sony HX5v and Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7), while Nassim Kalaji has a street-photographer-review of the new Leica V-Lux 20 (Pana TZ10). Continue

Review Train: T2i/550D, CX3, HX5v, W90, SX210, HS10, and more, April 23, 2010
In this edition of the "Review Train", we have new reviews for the Canon T2i and SX210IS, Sony HX5v, Fuji HS10, Ricoh CX3, and a look at reviewing from the reviewer's perspective. Continue

Review Train (Canon T2i/550D, SX210 IS, Lumix TZ8/ZS5, Sony HX5v, Fuji S2550hd), April 10, 2010
Time to catch-up with some recent potentially interesting reviews from the review-o-sphere. We start with a camera that has confusing names but hasn't seen much review-action, the Fuji S2550hd, at Info Sync World. Listen carefully to the audio in the... Continue

New Sony HX5v review at DC Resource, April 3, 2010
DC Resource has now published their review of the Sony Cybershot HX5v compact superzoom. What did they find? Continue

Review and samples roundup: HX5v, H55, SX20 IS. TZ8, and P100, April 1, 2010
New reviews for the Sony HX5v, Canon SX20 IS and Nikon P100 and test-samples for the Sony H55 and Panasonic TZ8 (ZS5). Continue


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