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sony alpha a380 archives (10 posts)

Small firmware update for Sony A380, A330 and A230, November 5, 2009
The Alpha A230, A330 and A380 trio is getting a firmware update that offers a minor improvement in operation. Continue

Sony Alpha A380 gets the dpreview-review (ouch?), August 24, 2009
The new Sony A3-series flagship DSLR, the A380 gets its dpreview review. Is it "ouch!" or is it "OUCH!"? Continue

Noisy Wars: Nikon D90 vs Sony A380, August 2, 2009
Camera Labs has a noisy-shootout, featuring the Sony Alpha A380 and the Nikon D90. Continue

Camera reviews you may have missed, July 17, 2009
Between the Olympus E-P1 and Pentax K7 craziness, there are a number of other reviews you may have missed. We bring them to you in lightning-round format! + Canon 5DMk2 reviewed at Photography Review - conclusions on page #6 +... Continue

SilkyPix adds support for Pentax K7 and new Alphas, June 29, 2009
Silkypix has added support for the Pentax K7 along with the Sony Alpha A230, A330 and A380. Continue

Curiosity review: Sony Alpha A380 at Let's Go Digital, June 14, 2009
We have the first camera-review-site review of the Sony Alpha A380 posted by Let's Go Digital! Continue

Short Sony Alpha A380 review at TechRadar, June 2, 2009
The Sony Alpha A380 gets a review at the tech-site TechRadar. Sadly, there are no sample pictures (!) Continue

Six full-size Sony Alpha A380 real-world samples at Let's Go, May 20, 2009
Let's Go Digital has posted half a dozen sample pictures taken with the brand new Sony Alpha A380 DSLR. Continue

Is the new Sony Alpha A380 marginalized by price and megapixels?, May 18, 2009
The Sony Alpha A380 is the "leader" of the new trio of Sony Alpha DSLRs, however, it has a price-premium of $200 for an extra four megapixels, which redirects most people to the A330. Continue

A trio of Sony Alpha DSLRs leak in Germany (A380, A330, A230), May 16, 2009
SonyStyle of Germany had a little bit of a leak that has apparently revealed a new trio of Sony Alpha DSLRs that move in lockstep with the current trio. Continue


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