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sony a77 archives (50 posts)

Sony product team answers questions about the Alpha A77, October 16, 2011
Sony's product team answered questions about the Sony Alpha A77 in two different ways: text-based answers at their flickr group and in video form at the Sony blog. Among other things, they mention there is no support for laptop tethering... Continue

Sony NEX-7 studio test samples at Imaging Resource, October 13, 2011
Time to put on the pixel-peepiential aprons! Imaging Resource has published some of their standard studio test samples taken with a production Sony NEX-7 camera! RAW (.arw) samples are also included! Staying with Sony, they have published new firmware (version... Continue

Reviews (A77, NEX-C3, E-PL3, J-Lo, P7100, FZ150, etc), October 11, 2011
A numbers of new reviews have gone live, so it is time for another review round up. Here we go, in lightning round format... Interchangeable Lenses + Sony Alpha A77 at Photoscala also available in computer-translatese + Sony NEX-C3 at... Continue

Reviews (Nikon V1, J1, etc) & Previews (Noktor 12/1.6, E-PM1, GRD4), October 7, 2011
And now time to check some of the latest reviews and previews. The latest samples are rounded up separately in order to keep the posts at a readable size... SLR Gear Noktor 12mm 1.6 action + two real-world video tests... Continue

Reviews (Sony A77, A65, A35, E-PM1, LX5 w/firm 2.0, etc) & Samples (Nikon CX, SX40), October 6, 2011
Time to catch up with some of the latest camera reviews! In this round-up there's action on the Sony Alpha A65 front, the Panasonic LX5 with firmware 2.0, and mo(i)re... Find these round-ups helpful? Help support them! + rent cameras... Continue

Reviews (E-PL3, GF3, GXR M-mount, SX40, P7100, etc) & Samples (Nikon V1 RAW, Q ISO), October 3, 2011
Time for another reviewalia round-up! If you don't want to wait for the review round-ups, you can check the Camera Reviews stream which features completed reviews (and select detailed value-adding previews when a camera is announced). The review round-ups here... Continue

Reviews (D3x) & Tests (V1) & Samples (A77, NEX-7, Q, X10), September 29, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviewalia! This round-up includes 24mp Sony samples, Nikon V1 Dxomark analysis at Dxomark partner sites, and a guest appearance by the Queen of Nikon... Lenses + the lens reviews page has finally been... Continue

Reviews (GXR M-mount, E-PL3) and Hands-onz (J1, A77, NEX7, NX11), September 28, 2011
Another day has gone by/bye, and the review cat has brought in some new reviews and hands-on reports of some of the most recent cameras out there. Here we go, in lightning round format... + Leica GXR A12 M-mount by... Continue

Firmware update for 24mp Sony cameras in the works, September 28, 2011
Alpha Mount World writes (after talking to Sony directly) that Sony is working on a firmware update for their 24-megapixel digital cameras. As a refresher, the 24mp cameras are the Alpha A77, A65 and NEXicopter-7. Continue

Reviews (J1, A77, Q, C5050, etc) & Samples (V1, NEX-5n w/Zeiss, etc), September 27, 2011
Time once again to check the latest reviews and samples too! Today's action includes the Nikon J1 and V1, Sony Alpha A77, the Pentax Q, and more... Reviews + Sony Alpha A77 at Photo Review and 11-min video hands-on at... Continue

Pixel-peep the Sony A77 at dpreview with studio-test-samples, September 26, 2011
dpreview has just posted an update saying that they have completed the studio test shots with the Sony Alpha A77 and they are available for all to pixel-peep and compare to other cameras in their studio-test-results database. The pre-filled tests... Continue

Reviews & Previews (A77, E-P3, GF3, V1, J1, superzooms, etc), September 26, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews and previews! The Nikon CX system previews continue to arrive! As usual, mirrorless and superzoom cameras continue to be getting most of the reviewers attention these days... Interchangeables + Sony Alpha A77... Continue

Sony A77 gets crowned in new Pop Photo review, September 26, 2011
The website of the Popular Photography magazine has just published their review of the Sony Alpha A77 by Philip Ryan. The camera is crowned in the review! Is it a crown of thorns or a crown of joy? We won't... Continue

Sony Alpha A77 test results at DxoMark, September 23, 2011
It is measurement-a-geddon time for the Sony Alpha A77 pellicle-mirror DSLR! The highly anticipated A700 replacement has now been tested out at DXoMark! You can see the summary of their findings along with the detailed A77 test results! As usual,... Continue

Reviews (A35, A77, E-PL3, Q, superzooms, etc), September 20, 2011
Time to check the latest reviews action! Lens reviews as usual can be found at the lens reviews cafe. I am now starting to w[o/a]nder, when it was the last time some reviewed a DSLR with a "proper" mirror! Los... Continue


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