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sony a77 archives (50 posts)

Firmware updates: Canon 1D X, Sony NEX-7, Axx, E-lenses, October 17, 2012
It is raining firmware updates today! On the Canon front, the highly-anticipated f8 firmware update has arrived for the 1D X speed-demon DSLR. Details and download link at Canon. On the Sony side, it is raining firmware updates: the NEX-7,... Continue

Sony shows A77 body parts in new 7-minute video, December 28, 2011
Sony has published a 7-minute video showing the main body parts of the Sony Alpha A77, with Sony guy in RL shirt giving a technical overview of each body part. The camera is pre-torn and the body parts organized. It... Continue

Reviews Mega-Roundup (GX1, X10, S100, NEX-7, -5n, NX200, A77, A65, E-PM1, CX, Q, etc), December 5, 2011
Reckoning time! We try to attempt to try to round up many of the reviews since before (!) the Black Friday madness. Fill up the coffee machine and the tea kettle at the same time, this is a long and... Continue

Reviews (Samsung NX200, Canon S100, etc) [added: A77, WX9 ], November 17, 2011
Time to catch up with today's new round of reviewalia! Interchangeables + SamsuNg NX200 at ephotozine + Sony Alpha A77 at Techradar + Nikon J1 short review at PDN + Leica M9 for street photography at Erik Kim + Pentax... Continue

Reviews I (S100, X10, V1, A77 first impressions, etc), November 14, 2011
Shock! We have the first review round-up in a while that does not include a superzoom digital camera! Oh my! *faint*... On a less unserious note, we are trying a new simpler way of pointing out other reviews of the... Continue

Video Interviews: Fuji X10, Canon 1D X + Westfall, Sony 24mp, Leica M9p, November 2, 2011
Tired of chasing those crawling ants on the display? How about some video action? + Fuji X10: Brandon Remler video interviewed at Through the Looking Glass - listen carefully at 1m 54 seconds, he says "Fuji has controlled all the... Continue

Reviews (V1, Q, X10, etc) & Samples (X10, NX200, A77, etc), November 2, 2011
Now let's recap some of the latest reviews and previews before they add up and become a giant round-up like yesterday's... Interchangeable Lens (APS-C and more) + Samsung NX200 studio test samples added to dpreview + Sony NeX-5n review at... Continue

Sony A77 and A65 stock status, November 1, 2011
This page has moved to the new dedicated Stock Status Central page. Continue

Reviews and Hands-on mega roundup (X10, 1D X, A65, CX, NEX, M43rds, GRD4, etc), November 1, 2011
And now time to catch up with the latest reviews and hands-on previews! This is a loooong and winding edition, so fill up the coffee machine! To make it easier to scan/skim/read, we are breaking it into even more sections... Continue

In-stock alert: Sony Alpha A77 body for $1400, October 31, 2011
UPDATE: With both Sony A77 and A65 kits in-stock and shipping, we have just launched the combined A77 and A65 stock status page. ORIGINAL POST: One more camera is in-stock and shipping today, it is the Sony Alpha A77 body... Continue

Reviews (A77, E-PM1, J1, Q, X10, GRD4, lots of superzooms, etc), October 28, 2011
Now that we caught up with the latest action and yesterday's new products (Zeiss 25mm f2 SLR lens (Canon, Nikon), Hasselblad H4X open-platform medium camera body, and Leica 30mm f2.8 medium format S-system lens), it is time to check some... Continue

Reviews (A77, NEX-7, V1, J1, X10 hands-on, superzooms, etc), October 25, 2011
Time to check the latest reviews, which picked up steam today! We have more Sony and mirrorless action, along with a couple of Fuji X10 hands-ons, and the usual parade of superzooms. Here we go... Interchangeable (APS-C and beyond) +... Continue

Sony A77 gets dissected at dpreview, October 25, 2011
Put on your review-reading-hats! It is time for a 27-page diatribe at dpreview where they review the Sony Alpha A77 dSLR! If you are in a hurry, you can jump to the conclusions before jumping to conclusions. As usual, we... Continue

Reviews (A77, X100, etc) & Samples (NEX-7 RAW and ISO, A65, etc), October 22, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews, hands-onsies and samples. Plus there are two recently-started on-going, blog-style marathon reviews of the Sony Alpha A77 and Fuji X100! On-going blog-style marathon reviews + Sound Image Plus is testing out the... Continue

Reviews (645D, A77, NEX-7, -5n, Nikon V1, J1, M9, X10 samples, etc), October 19, 2011
Now that we caught up with most of the news, it is time for a big reviews and previews and samples catch-up-a-thon. This edition is longer than usual! iLCs (APS-C and above) + Sony Alpha A77 at Photo Club Alpha... Continue


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