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sony a550 archives (29 posts)

Review Train (Hasselblad, Sony NEX-5, Alpha DSLRs, Pana G2, Sigma DP1s, Pana FX70/FX75, etc), August 21, 2010
Time to round-up some of the latest reviews that came out after the big wave of new camera announcements. Let's get started with part #2 of the on-going review of the Hasselblad H3Dii-31 by photographer Matt Beardsley. Part #3 next... Continue

Pixel-peeping buffet: Sony A550 color-chart ISO-crops with ten (!) imaging programs, May 27, 2010
Alpha Numerique took pixel-peeping to a whole-nuther-level as one of the MadTV characters used to say. They have a color chart ISO comparison (800 to 12800) with the Sony Alpha A550 but here is the twist - they have output... Continue

Review Train (GF1, A550, E-PL1, S1800, 43rds f2, FlipShare HD), May 10, 2010
A new round of reviews is out, including the Olympus E-PL1, Sony Alpha A550, Panasonic GF1, Fuji S1800, a duo of Four Thirds f2 lenses, and the FlipShareHD. Continue

PhotoZone reviews the Sony Alpha A550, March 28, 2010 has published their review of the Sony Alpha A550. Continue

Lots of samples with Sony 30mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.8 SAM DT lenses (and Alpha A550), March 24, 2010
DC Watch has many full-size sample pictures taken with the Alpha A550 and the new 30mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.8 SAM DT lenses. Continue

Entry-level DSLR feature comparison, March 14, 2010
Alpha Mount World is featuring a three-page feature comparison between entry-level dSLRs (A230, K-x, D3000, XS/1000D) along with the Alpha A550. Continue

New Sony A550 reviews at DC Resource, CNet, Register Hardware, February 8, 2010
New Sony Alpha A550 reviews have come out at DC Resource and CNet. Continue

Sony Alpha A550 field test by Ferdz Decena, January 22, 2010
Ferdz Decena shares his field-test findings with the Sony Alpha A550 Continue

Sony A550 review at Digital Camera Review, January 14, 2010
Digital Camera Review has published their findings on the Sony Alpha A550. Continue

Sony A550 review at Camera Labs (and Fotopolis), December 27, 2009
The Sony A550 review at Camera Labs is now out, including a head-on collision with the sticky Nikon D90. Continue

Review Train: Sony A550, RAWsumers, lenses, and more, December 22, 2009
We round up reviews on DSLRs, RAWsumers, lenses and more. Continue

New DXoMark lab tests: 7D vs D300s, K7, A500 and A550, D3000, G11 and S90, December 11, 2009
DXoMark has published the test results of seven different digital cameras, five DSLRs and two point and shoot compacts. Continue

Sony Alpha A550 gets its dpreview review , December 9, 2009
dpreview has published their 28-page diatribe on the Sony Alpha A550. Continue

Short Pentax K-x and Sony A550 reviews at Tom's, December 8, 2009
Tom's Hardware takes a quick look at the Pentax K-x and Sony Alpha A550. Continue

Prime-action: Sony A550 with 30mm f2.8 DT SAM, December 2, 2009
DC Watch has a series of real-world full-size samples taken with the Alpha A550 and the 30mm f2.8 SAM DT Continue


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