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Free Adobe Photoshop Express adds In-App Purchases (Filters and NR), March 6, 2014
Adobe is slowly building up its mobile imaging app arsenal as it is faced with hundreds (if not thousands) of mobile imaging apps already in the marketplace. Yesterday they launched Revel on Android (Google Play) and today they have added... Continue

Mozilla launches new JPEG encoder that reduces file size 10% on average, March 5, 2014
JPEG has been attacked from all sides, yet it remains (for a variety of reasons) the main digital image format on the interwebs. So the good digital hippies at Mozilla decided to help squeeze some compression juice out of JPEGs.... Continue

New Nikon Imaging Software: Capture NX-D (in beta and available to download), February 24, 2014
In addition to the new D4s DSLR, Nikon also announced a new (currently in beta) version of their Capture software, the new NX-D. This continues to be free software and replaces Capture NX2. Details at If you are a... Continue

Photographer Cloud $10/month no-previous-ownership contract returns, February 2, 2014
Adobe has relaunched their $10 per month contract offer for the Photographer Cloud subscription for everyone. Under this offer, you can sign up for it, regardless of what other Adobe software you own. In other words, anyone can sign up.... Continue

Linux Imaging Software News: Shotwell moves from Yorba to Elementary, January 26, 2014
With Google exercising more and more control over Android, it is only a matter of time before more power-users/techies begin the quest and migration to less corporate-centric "open" systems. Linux is still alive and kicking and it has its own... Continue

Lightroom for iPad $99 annual subscription leaks from Adobe's website, January 17, 2014
People have been speculating about this for a while, and it finally leaked, Lightroom for the iPad was leaked at the Adobe website and the leak showed a one-year subscription for $99 per year. This perhaps goes hand in hand... Continue

New Photoshop Cloud features: 3D printing, Perspective Wrap, Linked Smart Objects, January 16, 2014
Adobe announced new features in version 14.2 of the Photoshop Creative Cloud! They include one-click 3D printing along with Perspective Wrap and Linked Smart Objects. More details at these two aforelinked pages along with the Photoshop Help pages. Speaking of... Continue

Photographer Cloud $10/month no-previous-ownership contract offer extended until 12/31/13, December 12, 2013
Flashback to the debates over extended versus expanded memory. Okay, that was an unnecessary flashback. Forget about it ;-) Adobe has extended the deadline (or expanded the space time bubble) of their $10 per month contract offer for the Photographer... Continue

LR 5.3 and ACR 8.3 supports lots of hot new cameras du jour: Df, D610, X-E2, a7, a7r, RX10, K3, E-M1, GM1, AW1, 1020, etc, December 12, 2013
Adobe finally caught up with most of the latest wave of new hot digital cameras du jour. The new version 5.3 of Lightroom and 8.3 of Camera Raw are adding support for a lot of hot new cameras, including the... Continue

New Eye-fi Desktop Receiver Windows Beta software promises no need for card reader on PC, December 12, 2013
Eye-Fi is getting more wireless today. They have launched in beta their Windows Desktop Receiver software that allows you to "download" your Eyefi memory cards over the air to your Windows computer - instead of using a traditional memory card... Continue

Microsoft's Photosynth now enters Third Generation, December 10, 2013
Microsoft continues with their Photosynth development by launching their Third Generation of the software/system. You can see an overview at the Photosynth blog along with a web preview. Via Tech Crunch and Engadget. Continue

Jefferies-CNet Survey shows Photographer-priority Creative Cloud successful in bringing in un-clouded subscribers, December 10, 2013
A Jefferies-CNet survey outlined at CNet News reveals that Adobe's new photographer-priority Photographer Creative Cloud has been successful in getting new subscribers to the Creative Cloud. About half were first time Creative Cloud subscribers, while around 9% downgraded from a... Continue

Photographer Creative Cloud Offer (no prior CS software required): $10 per month for 12 months contract, November 20, 2013
Adobe has a new offer for anyone interested in the Photographer Creative Cloud (CC). You can sign up for a 12 month contract at a $10 per month rate and you don't have to have any previous Creative Suite or... Continue

(semi-ENDED) Software Deal: Corel After Shot Pro Full Version Digital Download (PC or Mac) for $20 (was $9), November 18, 2013
As of a 5:47pm ET recheck, the price has gone up to $20. Still not a bad price at all, considering this is the work of the Bibble team after it was acqui-hired by Corel, not some random entry-level digital... Continue

Lightroom 5.3 RC adds support for A7/A7r, D610, X-E2, E-M1, GM1, RX10, S1, etc, November 10, 2013
Adobe has announced the Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate software, and this new version brings with it gifts for early adopters, support for some of the latest hot cameras du jour, including the Sony A7/A7R duo, the Nikon D610, the Fuji... Continue


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