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Sigma announces B+W software mode, Lens Prices, USB Lens Dock coming, January 8, 2013
Sigma announces new products in multiple stages before you can actually buy them and use them and you often need a project plan in order to keep track of them. At CES 2013, they have issued a press release that... Continue

New Sigma DP3 Merrill with 50mm f2.8 lens (75mm equivalent), January 8, 2013
Fashionably late but never failing to get attention (often for the wrong reasons), Sigma is back with a new DP-series Big Sensor Prime with a Foveon APS-C-ish sensor. It is the DP3 Merrill and it has 50mm f2.8 native lens... Continue

Interview with Sigma: no obstacles to Full Frame Foveon sensor, November 21, 2012
The new CEO of Sigma, Kazuto Yamaki, gave an text-based interview to, the english version of This was a concise and on-topic interview. Of interest to full frame fans, the Sigma CEO said: "...Technologically speaking there are no... Continue

Sigma DP Merrills get Richard Franiec add-on custom grips, November 15, 2012
Sigma DP-Merrill fans, don't feel left out! Customizer at large Richard Franiec has announced a new add-on custom grip that works on either the Sigma DP1 Merrill or the DP2 Merrill. A sign perhaps of interest in the APS-C DP-Merrills?... Continue

New SLR Lenses get priced: Sigma 35/1.4, Tamron 90/2.8 VC, 70-200/2.8 VC, November 9, 2012
A trio of third-party manufacturer SLR lenses have been priced earlier in the week: a Sigma prime, a stabilized Tamron tele-prime, and a stabilized f2.8 workhorse zoom also from Tamron. Lens manufacturers reveal new lens details in multiple stages for... Continue

(DEAD) Foveon Temptations: Sigma DP1x down to $250, November 5, 2012
As of a 11/9/12 recheck, this is sold-out from Amazon itself... You can has Foveon nao if you are willing to part with $250 of your hard earned dollars. The Sigma DP1x (fixed lens compact camera with a 1.7x Foveon... Continue

(DEAD) Foveon Deal: the Sigma DP1x for $300, October 28, 2012
This sold-out! If you are suffering from Foveon curiosity, the Sigma DP1x fixed lens digital camera with a 1.7x Foveon sensor has now dropped to $300 with free shipping and handling at Amazon by Amazon herself. For more specials as... Continue

(DEAD) Foveon Curiosity Deal: Sigma DP1x for $350, October 7, 2012
As of a 11/9/12 recheck, this is sold-out from Amazon itself... One of the older Sigma DP-series fixed lens compacts with RAW is having a noticeable discount. It is the Sigma DP1x, with a 1.7x Foveon sensor, going for $350... Continue

Sigma: new DP-Merrill reviews and ISO comps [30/2.8 gets raving reviews], September 30, 2012
To quickly and efficiently catch-up with the news, we are trying a slightly different format, it is the two minute offense... Sigma DP-Merrill get new reviews + DP1 Merrill reviewed at Luminous Landscape with bonus open-letter to the Sigma CEO... Continue

Lenses Trade Show Floor round-up: Zeiss, Samyang, Voigtlander, Schneider, Tamron, Sigma, September 19, 2012
And now we have a catch-all round-up, we feature the various lens manufacturers, some of which generated a lot of excitement (see new lens announcements)... Earlier on we posted the Sony and Leica round-up and the Olympus round-up and the... Continue

New Sigma lenses: 35mm f1.4 DG, 17-70/2.8 DC OS, 120-300/2.8 DG OS, September 17, 2012
As part of their new generation of USB-dockable lenses announced today, Sigma has revealed three new lenses that are USB-dockable and are the first three of a new generation of modernized Sigma lenses. For expediency, I will call them iSigma... Continue

Sigma modernizes lenses with new software and USB dock and new MTF system, September 17, 2012
Sigma is feeling the winds of change in Berlin, years later, but better late than never, as they decide to modernize and technologize their lens line-up. On the practical side of the changes, Sigma has developed new quality control measures... Continue

Shock-and-awe review: Sigma DP2 Merrill at Luminous, September 3, 2012
From a Curiosity Factor review, we now go to a Shock And Awe review. It is the Sigma DP2 Merrill reviewed at Luminous Landscape and the sub-title of the review reveals there will be fireworks: "Medium Format Image Quality In... Continue

Sigma prices APS-C DP1 Merrill (fixed lens camera) at $1000, September 3, 2012
If you are not a die-hard Foveon fan, you may have already forgotten the two new Sigma fixed-lens DP-series Merrils, the DP1 and DP2, announced in February 2012, with an APS-C sensor, "growing up" from the classic 1.7x Foveon sensor... Continue

Newsbytes: Samsung T-primes, RED Dragon fire, Panasonic X-Ray SD, etc, August 10, 2012
A number of newsy items have filled up the buffers, time to empty the buffers with a new edition of the Newsbytes! + Samyang announces Cinema T-versions of their 14mm, 21mm and 35mm primes via dpreview and LMdlP et al... Continue


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