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sigma sd15 archives (28 posts)

Also (new JVC hybrid, new GEs, new Toshiba Flip-stick, Kodak celebration, SD15, etc), September 2, 2011
And now let's round up some of the other happenings from the last few days. We have new cameras from GE, a new hybrid from JVC, a Flip "competitor" from Toshiba, and more... + new JVC-PX10 stills/video hybrid with stills... Continue

Reviews Etc (Panasonic GH2, Sigma SD15, Fuji F550exr, XZ1, P500, etc), April 7, 2011
Let's see what the review cat has brought in today! We start with an on-going review for the Fuji F550-EXR posted by photographer Kim Letkeman on his blog. It has 19 parts so far and going! To start reading from... Continue

More CP+ action: Sigma and medium format, February 10, 2011
A couple more updates from the CP+ trade show have been posted at Japanese website DC Watch Impress! First up, they round up the medium format action, and then they visit the busy Sigma booth that includes a series of... Continue

Reviews Etc (E-5, GF2, 60D, S95, FX700, etc) {Firmware: SD15}, January 3, 2011
Happy Gnu Year! The "Review Train" has a new name. Over time it organically veered off into other semi-related topics, so now it has a more descriptive name, "Reviews Etc". As usual, lens reviews can be found at the Lens... Continue

Review Train (Sony A55, Canon 60D, S95, Sigma SD15, Nikon P7000, Fuji F300exr, etc), November 4, 2010
Time for a compact (for a change) edition of the Review Train! We start with the just posted review of the Sony Alpha A55 at DC Resource, one of the two new pellicle-mirror cameras announced this year. With the announcement... Continue

Review Train (Pentax 645D hands-on and RAW samples, Canon G12, SX30 IS, Nikon P7000 noise), October 27, 2010
Time for another edition of the "Review Train"! For the latest lens reviews, be sure to check the chamber of lens reviews. We start with the Pentax 645D invading Europe and getting a hands-on report and a number of full-size... Continue

Review Train (Sigma SD15, Nikon P7000, 7D vs D7000 video ISO comp, etc), October 22, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train", where more new 2010 gear are getting checked out in the photo-blog-o-sphere! As usual, the latest lens reviewed are organized in the very simple and (shockingly) disciplined Lens Reviews FarmVille ;)... Continue

Review Train (Sampling the Samples edition), October 8, 2010
It's all about samples from hot new cameras in this edition of the "Review Train", where we raid the Samples Wagon ;-) We start with d-preview where thirty full size samples taken with the highly-anticipated Panasonic GH2 and the intriguing... Continue

Review Train (Canon S95, Nikon P7000, pixel-peeping, etc), October 4, 2010
We have back-to-back Review Round-ups! With Photokina out of the way, review sites are back to the regular camera reviewing schedule! We already had a lot of RAWsumer action yesterday, but there is more today! We start with the Canon... Continue

Review Train (lots of lenses, Sony A55, NEX-5 and NEX-3, SD15, A390, EX1/TL500) [corrected], September 13, 2010
Time for a new review round-up from the photo-blogo-sphere! The last few days we have seen an increase in lens reviews, as you can see at the disciplined Lens Review Diary. Included is a review of the Sigma 70-200mm f2.8... Continue

Review Train (A55 revisited, NEX-3, SD15, LX5, H4D-40, M8 IR, etc), September 11, 2010
Time again to recap some of the latest reviews that came out the last few days, interrupted by the waves of new cameras and rumors/leaks. We start at dpreview where they have updated their original review of the new Alpha... Continue

Review Train (Canon S95, LR 3.2, Shiguma SD15,Panasonic G2, Canon 60D ISO-range, etc), September 1, 2010
Finally there is a calm in today's announcement maelstrom, so it is time to catch up with the latest camera reviews! We start with the Canon S95, getting a brand new review at Photography Blog which includes a gallery of... Continue

Review Train (Sigma SD15, Fuji W3, M43rds, Ricoh GXR, and more), August 23, 2010
We start with two of the "alternatives" to the mainstream systems. The Sigma SD15 is getting some love, a review at Photography Blog. As usual, they offer plenty of real-world full-size JPEG and RAW (.X3F) sample pictures. Next, it is... Continue

The Trouble Repor(t): 81 Sigma SD15 units have a bad (Japan), July 29, 2010
Sigma Japan has issued a notice that 81 Sigma SD15 camera units have had production-related problems and qualify for a free fix by Sigma. These were sold in Japan. The 81 individual serial numbers with the issue are listed. See... Continue

Sigma SD15 is finally in-stock and shipping (but for nearly $1000), June 30, 2010
Sigma is proudly (we presume, considering the flack they got over the delays) sending press releases to everyone and their mother letting them know that the Sigma SD15 is finally actually shipping from actual stores in actual camera boxes! See... Continue


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