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sigma sd1 archives (46 posts)

Settled? The reason why the Sigma SD1 price was set so high, July 24, 2011
Countless online discussions and a brand new forum post by Luminous Landscape point in the direction of "executive gone wild" as the reason the Sigma SD1 was priced so unrealistically high. Via/more-discussion in the dpreview Sigma forum. Continue

Sigma SD1 Live View a possibility without hardware mods says Sigma Japan, July 19, 2011
Maro's Notebook (computer translated) attended a Sigma SD1 launch event in Okinawa/Japan, where Sigma said that a live view feature is possible for the SD1 without any hardware modifications. However, it is not an easy implementation either, so it looks... Continue

Sigma SD1 reviewed and compared (645D, M9, A900, A55) at Luminous, July 17, 2011
Luminous Landscape has just posted a review + comparison + another perspective of the controversially-priced Sigma SD1! The comparison part compares the SD1 to the Pentax 645D, Leica M9, Sony Alpha A900 and A55. Pixel-peepings and color chart ISO comparisons... Continue

More Sigma SD1 RAW files, June 30, 2011
In addition to the previously mentioned Rytterfalk Sigma SD1 RAW files, the X3 Magazine blog has rounded up five more sources of Sigma SD1 RAW files, including six of their own RAW files. You can use the free Sigma Photo... Continue

Sigma SD1 RAW samples by Rytterfalk, June 27, 2011
Carl Rytterfalk has posted some full-size RAW and JPEG samples taken with what appears to be a production Sigma SD1. His previous non-production shots were not-full-size. There is a RAW family 5-pack and two JPEGs via flickr. Sigma Photo Pro... Continue

eBay watch: Sigma SD1 auction closing at 5:50pm NYC time tonite, June 20, 2011
UPDATE: The auction has ended with the highest bid at $6700, but the reserve was not met. Sigma's own opening price is $6900. The buy-it-now price was set at $8800. ORIGINAL POST: This post has a little bit of a... Continue

Winner of Sigma SD1 giveaway selling camera on eBay (updated), June 17, 2011
UPDATE (6/18/11 at 10:37am NYC time): The camera is indeed for sale. It is listed on eBay by the winner. (thanks to Max for the alert in the comments below). Surprisingly (perhaps) the current bid is $5100 but the reserve... Continue

Hands-on with a pre-production Sigma SD1 at X3M, June 17, 2011
The X3 Magazine has published a hands-on report with a pre-production Sigma SD1. Their impressions of the camera, along with web-size sample pictures are included. They will publish full-size samples when they get a production SD1 with final firmware. Most... Continue

Sigma Photo Pro 5 ready to use, compatible wtih Sigma SD1 RAW files, June 10, 2011
Sigma has released version 5 of its Photo Pro software for Windows and Mac and it is available for download and installation. This new version is compatible with the RAW files of the hotly discussed Sigma SD1! (via Sigma dpreview... Continue

New Sigma SD1 official samples in photo-essay format (Japan), June 8, 2011
A new set of real-world photo-essay style Sigma SD1 samples have been posted at Sigma Japan (computer translated), and taken by photographer Ryuichi Oshimoto. Please note not all the samples are taken with the SD1; a few were taken with... Continue

Sigma COO on the SD1 price on Twitter (in English): I failed, we tried, price failed, but camera great, May 29, 2011
The Sigma COO, Kazuto Yamaki, responded in English on Twitter to some photographers asking about the SD1 price! This is his Twitter account. Here are two tweets of his responses (images below are links the actual tweets on the Twitter):... Continue

Sigma responds to Sigma SD1 price talk, but do they understand?, May 25, 2011
There is a short new post at dpreview that apparently has a short response from Sigma on the SD1 price. Sigma seems to think that $6900 vs $9700 is actually a relevant price difference. Sure, the amount of money is... Continue

As the Sigma SD1 world turns (SD1 body listed at $6900, more opinions/debates), May 24, 2011
The camera world seems to revolve around the SD1 this week! The gravity of its price is apparently pulling everyone in ;-) Time for yet another round-up of reactions and opinions! If you need a refresher on the Foveon sensor,... Continue

Sigma SD1 hands-on preview at dpreview (five pages), May 23, 2011
Dpreview has posted a five-page Sigma SD1 preview on their website, with the preview featuring the camera body and the camera's controls. No sample pictures. For non-stop action on the camera, check the still-busy dpreview Sigma forum. Continue

More Sigma SD1 discussions (price and image quality), May 22, 2011
It looks like the Sigma SD1 price has set off a firestorm perhaps bigger than any of the previous Foveon forum mega-debates. If you missed any of the previous updates, check them all out in our SD1 archives. Please note... Continue


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