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sigma sd1 archives (46 posts)

Impact review: Sigma SD1 (both) at dpreview, April 10, 2012
Just after we closed today's edition of the Cameraholic Digest, a new impact review came out, a 20-pager of the Sigma SD1 and SD1 Merrill at dpreview. As usual, we won't leak the X3 light here, but if you are... Continue

Sigma launches rewards program for SD1 full-price heroes, March 11, 2012
Sigma has launched details for their previously promised "rewards program" for the photographer(s) who purchased the SD1 DSLR at full price says dpreview. Besides the price and common sense, another sign that points that the number of SD1 full-price heroes... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: X-Pro1 RAW, 5D Mark III, E-M5 RAW, D4 robots, etc, March 6, 2012
We can't even take a lunch break without things piling up to the moon! Time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, which uses a variation of the "trade show format" (updates by manufacturer instead of sensor-size)... Focus on... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: G1x, NEX-7, X-Pro1, X10, E-M5 RAW, etc, March 4, 2012
Time for a new edition of the "Cameraholic Digest", an on-going experiment on how to catch up with catching up without getting caught in a never-ending updating-trap! Compacts with RAW + Canon G1x Imatest test results at Lens Rentals +... Continue

Curiosity factor: Sigma SD1 Merrill gets a review, February 13, 2012
The answer to a graceful price drop of the Sigma SD1 was a new product name with a lower price. The new SD1 Merrill has now received its first review at ephotozine, including their customary ISO color charts and RAW... Continue

Sigma SD1 Price Wars Episode II: The Discount Menace (new SD1-Merrill for $2300), February 8, 2012
When Sigma initially revealed the $9700 price for the SD1 in May 2011, it generated a near universal unidirectional firestorm. Fast forward to now, and Sigma decided to bring the SD1 price down to earth, while at the same time... Continue

Sigma announces new PG-31 power-grip for Sigma SD1, December 12, 2011
Sigma has announced a brand new accessory for the Sigma SD1, the PG-31 power-grip, coming out in January 2012. Prices have not been revealed, but for anyone who has already paid for a Sigma SD1, the PG-31 price will probably... Continue

Reviewalia (Sigma SD1 review, GX1 samples, NEX-5n, K-5, F600exr), December 6, 2011
Time for a quick look at today's new review action! We will have a catch-up-a-thon round-up tomorrow for previous action (time permitting)... + Sigma SD1 review at Photography Blog + Sony NEX-5n review at Imaging Resource + Panasonic GX1 gallery... Continue

Reviews (NEX-7, X10, etc) & Samples (NX200, X10, SD1, A65, etc), November 11, 2011
Time for a new reviewalia round-up, this one is heavy on sample pictures! Here we go... Interchangeables + Samsung NX200 studio test samples at dpreview + Samsung NX200 ISO-range color charts at ephotozine + Sony Alpha A65 samples at ephotozine... Continue

This is not an April Fools Day Joke: Sigma SD1 "Wood" edition, October 12, 2011
It may sound like an April Fools Day joke published accidentally half a year ahead of time, but sadly it is not! Sigma has announced a "special edition" of the Sigma SD1, the "Wood", going for 10,000 euro in Europe.... Continue

Compare Sigma SD1 test-samples w/other cameras at Imaging Resource, September 8, 2011
Imaging Resource has now published a series of Sigma SD1 studio test-samples on their website and you can use their Comparatometerometerometer to compare the SD1 files with any other camera that IR has previously tested! They include some X3F RAW... Continue

Sigma SD1 real-world samples at dpreview, September 6, 2011
Curiosity killed the Foveon cat may be a rhetorically philosophical question but what is tangible is a brand new gallery of 41 real-world samples taken with the Sigma SD1 at dpreview which also notes that they are working on their... Continue

Samples (RAW and full-size JPEG from Pentax Q and Sigma SD1 & more), September 2, 2011
Curious about full-size JPEG and RAW samples from the Pentax Q or the Sigma SD1? You've come to the right place in this Sample Pictures round-up! + Sigma SD1 real-world JPEG and RAW samples at Focus Numerique + Pentax Q... Continue

Ouch alert! Sigma SD1 high-ISO test-samples (compare to Nikon D7000), August 30, 2011
Rock and roll ain't noise pollution said the noise-peeping team of AC/DC Productions, but the Sigma SD1 might be! Focus Numerique has published their standard ISO-range samples (computer translated) taken with the Sigma SD1, which you can also compare with... Continue

Reviews (SD1, D5100, E-P3, M9, IQ180, superzooms, etc), August 24, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews, and after that, we will have a "morning after" catch-up-a-thon wiht the Sony Big Bang! Lens reviews as usual can be found at the lens reviews warehouse. + Sigma SD1 at X3... Continue


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