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sigma dp2s archives (11 posts)

New Sigma SD1 official samples in photo-essay format (Japan), June 8, 2011
A new set of real-world photo-essay style Sigma SD1 samples have been posted at Sigma Japan (computer translated), and taken by photographer Ryuichi Oshimoto. Please note not all the samples are taken with the SD1; a few were taken with... Continue

Review Train (Samsung EX1, ISO comparisons, D3s, NEX-5, DP2s, Sony TX9, etc), July 30, 2010
It suddenly got quiet. You can hear the e-birds singing, and the wind gently caressing the trees with the beautiful aroma of pollution. Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with perhaps the first fixed-lens-camera success-story... Continue

Review Train (T2i/550D, DP2s, A450, Z981, and wandering off-topic), July 2, 2010
Time for another edition of the "Review Train", full-steam ahead! Just don't let the steam hit your sensor ;-) We start with a camera with a big sensor, not a review, but a 3-minute video hands-on with the Pentax 645D... Continue

Review mini-train (Sigma DP2s, Pentax W90, Fuji F80-EXR), June 29, 2010
Time for a short edition of the "Review Train". The waterproof Pentax W80 got some negative attention, and did not do as well comparatively as its predecessor, the W60. So, can the W90 save the day? Imaging Resource puts it... Continue

Review Train (mirrorless, Sigma DP2s, K-7, XP10), June 25, 2010
Time for another edition of the "Review Train" where we try to catch up with some of the many camera reviews that hit the e-wires. Today's edition is mirrorless-priority. So please don't read it in front of a mirror ;-)... Continue

Review Train (D3s, E-P2, G2, SD4000 IS, V-Lux 20, and many more), June 10, 2010
Punch your tickets! It's time to climb aboard the Review Train, now powered by solar energy (f*ck you BP, you sc*mb*g planet killers!). DSLRs and iLCs We start with an ISO shootout at RiceHigh where two of the hottest DSLRs... Continue

Review Train (G10, G2, NEX-5, DP2s, HS10, and many more), June 2, 2010
Apparently a memo came out declaring today a camera-review-day, because it is raining camera reviews. Here are some potentially interesting ones (we obviously can't cover every single one)... Mirrorless action The Panasonic G10 has a de-facto plus - it is... Continue

The Outsider Reviews: Samsung NX10 and Sigma DP2s, April 26, 2010
New reviews are out for the Samsung NX10 (CNet UK) and the Sigma DP2 (Pocket Link)! Continue

Sigma DP2s auto-focuses 2X as fast as DP2 in DC Watch test, March 31, 2010
DC Watch has published their take on the Sigma DP2s, and according to one of their tests, it autofocuses twice as fast as the DP2. Continue

Sigma prices for SD15 and DP2s revealed in Europe, February 26, 2010
The prices of the Sigma SD15 and DP2s have been revealed. The DP1s remains TBD. Continue

New Sigma DP2s follows up on the DP2 with some upgrades, February 22, 2010
The new Sigma DP2s promises better autofocus, a power save mode and a new rear design of the back of the camera. Continue


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