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sigma dp2 archives (37 posts)

Sigma DP2 revisited with firmware 1.04 at ND, May 2, 2010
Neutral Day revisits the Sigma DP2 with firmware version 1.04 installed. Sample pictures are included, along with impressions and opinions as to what the new firmware version brings. The Sigma DP-series has grown in number, there are five models out... Continue

RAWsumer duel: Leica X1 vs Sigma DP2 (and other stories), March 7, 2010
Neutral Day compares the Leica X1 with the Sigma DP2, and we round-up some X1 forum action. Continue

Samsung NX10 noise tests (vs E-P2, D90, K-7, X1, DP2), February 17, 2010
Focus Numerique has posted a detailed ISO comparison between the Samsung NX10 and a slew of other cameras with sensors of 2X to 1.5xX Continue

Noise wars: X1 vs GF1 vs D90 vs G11 vs DP2, December 19, 2009
Focus Numerique has a full-size ISO-range comparison between the Leica X1, Sigma DP2, Panasonic GF1, Canon G11 and Nikon D90. Continue

Sigma DP2 and bokeh (bonus segment at Serious Compacts), September 23, 2009
Serious Compacts has posted a new supplemental update, focusing on the Sigma DP2 and bokeh. Continue

Another Sigma DP2 review today - at, September 21, 2009
One more Sigma DP2 review, this one at by Josh Root. Continue

Sigma DP2: Stoned and dethroned by dpreview, September 21, 2009
dpreview has posted their take on the Sigma DP2. Ouch! Continue

Sigma DP2 vs Panasonic GH1, dynamic range edition, September 19, 2009
Episode #3 of the Serious Compacts shootout is out, and in this episode, dynamic range between the Sigma DP2 and Panasonic GH1 is compared. Continue

Sigma DP2 vs pancaked Panasonic GH1, September 15, 2009
Part #2 of the Serious Compacts shootout squares off the DP2 against the Panasonic GH1 with the 17mm pancake lens. Continue

The Serious Compacts shootout has began: DP2 vs GRD3 vs D5000 vs GH1, September 13, 2009
Part #1 of the Serious Compacts shootout has began featuring the Ricoh GRD III, Sigma DP2, Nikon D5000, and Panasonic GH1. Continue

Unboxing the Sept-2009 issue of Pop Photo: GH1, DP2, and Leica 50mm f0.95 reviews, August 20, 2009
The September 2009 issue of Pop Photo has reviews of interest: Panasonic GH1, Sigma DP2 and the Leica 50mm f0.95 lens! Continue

Sigma DP2 reviewed at Photography Blog, August 12, 2009
Photography Blog has posted their review of the Sigma DP2. No spoilers here :) Continue

PDN Gear Guide reviews the Sigma DP2, August 4, 2009
A new review of the Sigma DP2 is in the books, this one posted by PDN Gear Guide. Continue

CNet boldy goes into Foveon-land and reviews the Sigma DP2, July 28, 2009
CNet has posted their review on the Sigma DP2, the fixed-lens Foveon compact. Continue

Making the most of the Sigma DP2, July 24, 2009
How can you make the most of your Sigma DP2? A new article at TOP tries to help newcomers to Sigma-Foveon. Continue


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