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Aptina announces 14mp 1-inch sensor (can get up to 80fps at full res; supports 4K Cinema), April 17, 2013
Some sensor excitement of the fast and furious kind today. Aptina announced a new 1-inch sensor, the AR1411HS, with 14 megapixels and the capability to go up to 80fps at full resolution. The Aptina material points out that this sensor... Continue

Speculation: Is CMOSIS (Leica M sensor) providing the Blackmagic Design sensor?, April 9, 2013
EOS-HD has published an investigative blog-post, speculating that the sensor for the new Blackmagic Design Production 4K camera is coming from CMOSIS, the company providing the CMOS sensor for the latest Leica M model. Please note this is investigative report,... Continue

HTC announces new flagship phone with Ultrapixels and Optical Image Stabilization, February 19, 2013
HTC has officially announced its new flagship uberphone, the HTC One, and with it come Ultrapixels. The camera used by the HTC One does not come with "conventional megapixels", it comes with Ultrapixels. Ultrapixels cover twice the area as a... Continue

Interview with analyst: Sony focusing on Imaging Sensor Technology expansion in 2013, February 10, 2013
CNBC (the business TV channel) has a 4-minute video interview with analyst Mykola Golovko of Euromonitor International discussing the future of Sony. He distills it to this: Sony will focus and expansion their Imaging Sensor technology in 2013 as their... Continue

Raspberry Pi reveals $25 imaging module with 5mp fixed focus Omnivision sensor (and 1080p video), February 7, 2013
Raspberries are good for you. Oops, that was for the 1001 Noisy Nutritionists blog. Back on topic! Raspberries are good for you if you are looking for affordable and modifiable and hackable computer boards, and of photography interest, Raspberry Pi... Continue

Panasonic hopes to increase sensor sensitivity with Micro Color Splitters, February 4, 2013
And here comes another alternative sensor attempt. Panasonic has announced via press release their new Micro Color Splitters technology for use with high sensitivity sensors. If you don't want to slog through the press release, dpreview has published a three... Continue

HTC planning a 3-layer sensor with Ultrapixels for next M7 uberphone, February 4, 2013
Foveon fans may feel some validation today as Pocket Lint writes that HTC will not feature a standard sensor in their new M7 ubersmartphone. Instead it will have "Ultrapixels", which is their marketing speak for a three layer sensor, three... Continue

R&D: Panasonic offers more details on SmartFSI pixel structure, January 16, 2013
Sensor geekery now. Panasonic published some more details on their SmartFSI pixel structure at their Image Sensors page. The two SmartfSI pixel structure images may remind some of ...dentistry... (via Image Sensors World). Continue

Toshiba power play continues, they made the Nikon D5200 sensor, January 8, 2013
It looks like Toshiba has re-discovered the world of digital imaging or perhaps they have decided to take a more high-profile role. Chipworks dug into the Nikon D5200 and lo-and-behold, they found a 24mp Toshiba APS-C digital imaging sensor inside!... Continue

Sony launches 20-megapixel 26x superzoom with CCD sensor (H200), January 7, 2013
Toshiba revealed a couple of weeks ago that they were working on a 20mp 1/2.3" CMOS sensor. It turns out (no surprise), they were not the only ones. Sony had been cooking a 20-megapixel 1/2.3" CCD (yes CCD) sensor and... Continue

Toshiba fires 20-megapixel 1/2.3" backlit CMOS missile in Megapixel Wars, December 30, 2012
Shortly after announcing their light-field imaging module, Toshiba fired another shot in the world of digital imaging, a 20-megapixel 1/2.3" digital camera backlit sensor, the TCM5115CL. Pixel size is 1.2um, and can shoot 30fps at full resolution (20mp) and 60fps... Continue

Mobile Noise: DxoMark goes crazy, reviews the iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad, Galaxy S3, S2, PureView 808, December 5, 2012
Apparently the people at Dxomark replaced their water intake with coffee because they published seven mobile camera reviews in just four days. They reviewed the iPhone 5, 4S and 4, the "new" iPad, the Samsung Galaxy S III and II,... Continue

Bryce Bayer, father of the Bayer color filter, is no longer with us, November 21, 2012
The father of the Bayer color filter array, former Kodak scientist, Bryce Bayer, is no longer with us. He passed away at the age of 83. Coverage at Imaging Resource and Peta Pixel and dpreview and Image Sensors World and... Continue

Interview with Sigma: no obstacles to Full Frame Foveon sensor, November 21, 2012
The new CEO of Sigma, Kazuto Yamaki, gave an text-based interview to, the english version of This was a concise and on-topic interview. Of interest to full frame fans, the Sigma CEO said: "...Technologically speaking there are no... Continue

Newsbytes: 12mp TrueSense 4/3-inch CMOS sensor, Transcend Wifi cards, Adobe LR4.3 RC, etc, November 11, 2012
With the Elections and Hurricane Sandy there wasn't enough material to trigger a new edition of the Opinion Soup this weekend (but you can always check the Archives for previous episodes)... However, our Newsy buffers have been overfilled with newsbytes... Continue


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