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New Lens: Samyang 10mm f2.8 ED AS NCS CS in TEN different mounts, December 12, 2013
From the Tape Delayed News Department, we have another new lens announcement, it is the new Samyang 10mm f2.8 ED AS NCS CS lens and it will be available in ten different lens mounts, five SLR and five mirrornyets (mirrorless).... Continue

Samyang jumps ahead of TamTokSig, announces five new 35mm full frame prime lenses for the Sony E-mount, October 20, 2013
Samyang continues its attack on the TamTokSig fortress by jumping ahead of them and pre-announcing five new 35mm full frame prime lenses for the Sony E-mount system that got rebooted this week with the launch of the Sony 35mm full... Continue

(ENDED) Rokinon 16mm f2 for $400 in eight different mounts [limited time offer!], September 6, 2013
This six hour Rokinon 16mm f2 lens lightning deal expired... For future specials, check the Camera Deals blog with the easy to remember url At the Camera & Photo Lightning Deals at Amazon, you can get the Rokinon 16mm... Continue

New Samyang 16mm T2.2 video-priority lens in seven different mounts, August 4, 2013
In late May 2013, Samyang announced they are working on a new 16mm f2 lens to be available in both SLR and mirrorless lens mount. But Samyang is not done with this lens design. They have now announced that they... Continue

New Samyang 300mm f6.3 mirror lens for mirror less systems, June 10, 2013
The previously mentioned Samyang 16mm f2 APS-C lens is going to start shipping next month (see B&H Photo, but Samyang is not done. They have also revealed that coming this year is a new 300mm f6.3 mirror lens for mirror... Continue

Samyang working on new 16mm f2 APS-C lens for 10 different mounts, May 29, 2013
Samyang continues to push forward with new lenses, they have now revealed that they are working on a new 16mm f2 APS-C that will be available in ten (yes, 10) different mounts, five SLR mounts (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Four... Continue

The $1000 Samyang Tilt Shift Lens: Pixel-Peeped, Sampled and In-Stock Nao in both Samyang and Rokinon flavors, May 6, 2013
Samyang continues to challenge the lens market status quo and one of their latest challenges is a $1000 tilt shift lens. We have more action on this curiosity lens as follows: The Lens Rentals blog posted part #1 of their... Continue

Curiosity factor: Samyang 24mm f3.5 Tilt Shift lens review, April 27, 2013
Samyang is pushing the envelope on the value frontier and giving the traditional lens manufacturers a run for their money, at least with some of their lenses. One new area where they apparently want to make in-roads is tilt-shift lenses.... Continue

New IBE Optics 26mm f1.4 M43rds lens, February 7, 2013
A new wave of updates is coming as we finally caught up with the Timeline without the help of Doctor Who. We will start with the more newsy items and then proceed accordingly... It is raining new third-party lenses these... Continue

Dxomark Group-Test of five Super Wide Primes (Nikon, Zeiss, Sigma, Samyang), February 6, 2013
Dxomark has been busy with new lens reviews, and perhaps the most interesting of their latest output is a group test of five super wide prime lenses from Canon, Nikon, Zeiss, Sigma and Samyang. They are all full frame primes,... Continue

Opinion: Samyang is shooting itself in the foot with branding confusion, January 23, 2013
Samyang has been generating a lot of lensaholic buzz the last couple of years with their affordable manual focus lenses. However, Samyang has an enemy. It's a hidden enemy. The only way they can see their enemy is if they... Continue

New Cine Lens announcement: Samyang 85mm T1.5 (Alpha), September 30, 2012
You can never ever have too many lenses! Even if they are Cine lenses and you are stills photographer. With that in mind, Samyang has announced a new 85mm T1.5 Cine lens for the Alpha mount. Some details via Le... Continue

Lenses Trade Show Floor round-up: Zeiss, Samyang, Voigtlander, Schneider, Tamron, Sigma, September 19, 2012
And now we have a catch-all round-up, we feature the various lens manufacturers, some of which generated a lot of excitement (see new lens announcements)... Earlier on we posted the Sony and Leica round-up and the Olympus round-up and the... Continue

Samyang 10mm f2.8 DX prime at Photokina, September 14, 2012
Samyang has announced that they will be showing prototypes of a new wide wide lens at Photokina, a 10mm f2.8 DX, with a full name of Samyang 10mm 1:2.8 ED AS UMC CS. Availability is late 2012 or early 2013.... Continue

Newsbytes: Samsung T-primes, RED Dragon fire, Panasonic X-Ray SD, etc, August 10, 2012
A number of newsy items have filled up the buffers, time to empty the buffers with a new edition of the Newsbytes! + Samyang announces Cinema T-versions of their 14mm, 21mm and 35mm primes via dpreview and LMdlP et al... Continue


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