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Google I/O: new Highlight feature picks your best pictures, May 15, 2013
At Google I/O, Google announced a new feature, Highlight, that automatically picks your best pictures using a number of parameters with their algorithms "trained" by human picture raters. Another feature that is moving into Google+ is an "Auto Enhance" feature,... Continue

New Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera bundled with 20-50, Flash and Lightroom, May 1, 2013
A new Mirrorless Princess was born today! The new Samsung NX2000, which, judging by the model number, is a step above the entry-level which is occupied by the NX1000. It has a 20mp APS-C CMOS Sensor with the DRIMe IV... Continue

Catching up with Dxomark Lab Tests: Sony A58, NEX-3N, Nikon A, Samsung EX2f, etc, April 30, 2013
Dxomark is publishing more camera and lens lab evaluations these days and we finally caught up with their camera reviews of the last two months that were not previously mentioned in the Camera Reviews Stream under the Dxomark category. New... Continue

Pricing News: Samsung NX1100 bundled with 20-50, external flash and Lightroom 4 for $600, April 11, 2013
Samsung USA issued a press release to announce the price of the new Samsung NX1100 mirrorless camera which comes bundled with the 20-50mm zoom NX lens and an external flash and Adobe's Lightroom 4 software. The MSRP price is $600.... Continue

Samsung prices cellular-less Samsung Galaxy Android superzoom (EK-GC110) at $450, April 4, 2013
Samsung jumped ahead of the pack in Android-powered cameras with their EK-GC100, a superzoom with built-in Wifi and cellular radio and Android 4.x. A few weeks later, Samsung announced the EK-GC110, the same (or very similar) camera but without the... Continue

New Samsung NX1100 mirrorless camera [updated], March 12, 2013
A new mirrorless camera has been announced, it is the Samsung NX1100, a 20mp APS-C NX mount interchangeable lens digital camera coming bundled with the 20-50mm f3.5-5.6 II lens. Other features include a 3-inch 921 kilodot display, 1080p video, 8fps... Continue

Samsung NX20 and NX200 get their DxoMark Lab Test Results (and link-a-thon comparison-a-thon), March 4, 2013
The time has come for fans of the Samsung NX mirrorless system, their top two models from their 2012 line-up have been evaluated by the DXoMark Test Labs! Here is their Samsung NX20 action: the test results along with their... Continue

New Camera: Samsung Galaxy Android EK-GC110 superzoom with Wifi (but no cellular 3G/4G), February 19, 2013
We have a new digital camera announcement! It is another Android digital camera, a sister model to the Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100. The new model is the EK-GC110 and it has Wifi but no cellular data (no 3G/4G/etc) compared to the... Continue

Business News: Samsung buys 5% stake in Wacom, February 3, 2013
While it was raining new cameras at CP Plus, there was Samsung action on the dollars and sense front. Samsung has purchased 5% of Wacom, the company that makes the popular with some digital creatives Intuos graphics tablets. Samsung spent... Continue

Waterproof SDHC deal: 32GB Samsung Class 10 for $23~, January 28, 2013
If you want to stock up on waterproof Class 10 SDHC memory cards, or if you want to boldly try them for the first time or if you want to attempt a viral YouTube video by torturing the memory card,... Continue

Samsung NX210 discontinued already?, January 16, 2013
While price-checking the latest Samsung NX cameras, we noticed something unusual, the Samsung NX210 is already marked as discontinued at B&H Photo. When B&H Photo marks cameras as discontinued, they are typically gone for good. It is still available through... Continue

New Samsung WB2100 is a 35x superzoom without Wifi (also new ST72), January 8, 2013
Yesterday Samsung announced six Wifi cameras but that was not all. They also announced a non-Wifi camera, the WB2100, with a 35x superzoom lens (starting at 25mm equivalent) and a 16mp 1/2.x" backlit CMOS sensor, 3-inch LCD, etc. Details at... Continue

Six new Samsung P&S digital cameras with Wifi (some superzooms, one front LCD), January 7, 2013
CES Monday is always about running up the score and Samsung is helping with this by announcing six new fixed-lens entry-level and intermediate-level fixed lens digital cameras. The Samsung six-pack features three superzooms, one slim-zoom, one Dual View and one... Continue

Live Samsung CES Press Conference on Monday at 5pm NYC time, January 6, 2013
CES Monday is almost upon us. CES Monday is a day of never-ending press releases so hold on to your e-hats! Samsung will be having their CES 2013 press conference on Monday at 5pm New York City time (2pm Vegas... Continue

New Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera and 45mm f1.8 3D lens, January 3, 2013
Party on Wayne! Now that we finished the 4-part Camearholic Digest, it is time to take a look at the first official digital camera announcement of 2013. It is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and it is from Samsung. It... Continue


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