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Korean Market: Sony beating Samsung in mirrorless, Canon and Nikon woes, August 11, 2013
A detailed write-up on the Korean camera market at Korea Times (in english) has some interesting revelations. In the Korean mirrorless market, contrary to popular belief, Sony has a commanding lead over Samsung. According to the report, Sony has a... Continue

Curiosity Factor: Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs Top Cameraphones, August 11, 2013
It is raining smartphones and cameraphones these days, but a zoom lens has not been an easy thing to do with a smartphone. Especially when you consider today's form factors. But Samsung has not met an idea they didn't like... Continue

The Slow Modernization of Digital Cameras: Evernote joins the camera world with Samsung WB250F superzoom integration via firmware update, August 2, 2013
More and more mobile apps and services are offering more and more features when it comes to photo sharing and storing. One of the most popular apps of the app era, Evernote, is also making photo moves. In a new... Continue

Dxomark also evaluates the Samsung NX300 and NX210 mirrornyet cameras, July 15, 2013
We already covered the Panasonic LF1 Dxomark evaluation, but Dxomark also published the test results of two Samsung NX system cameras while we were hibernating. Here are the actual test results for the Samsung NX300 and the Samsung NX210, along... Continue

New Samsung 26x optical zoom camera, the WB110, July 9, 2013
Another new superzoom camera, it is the new Samsung WB110 with "only" a 26x optical zoom lens, "half" that of the just-announced Kodak AZ521. No hands-on for the new Samsung WB110, but press release parade at Engadget and Photography Blog... Continue

New Samsung Galaxy NX interchangeable lens Android camera phone (with RAW thankfully), June 21, 2013
Samsung is going in the history books as the first company in the digital era to offer an interchangeable lens camera phone, the Samsung Galaxy NX, based on Samsung's existing APS-C mirrorless NX camera system. It has a 20mp APS-C... Continue

Big Samsung June 20 London Event will be streaming live on the internets, June 18, 2013
Samsung is planning a big announcement event in London on June 20 2013 and the event will be live-streamed on the Samsung YouTube channel. It will kick off at 19:00 BST (British Summer Time). Expected is a Samsung Galaxy branded... Continue

Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless cameraphone coming June 20 (promised and leaked), June 13, 2013
The Samsung chief suggested that the first interchangeable lens camera phone, the Samsung Galaxy NX will make its debut at the big June 20 Samsung announcement event that has been previously mentioned. Details via Android Beat and Korea Times and... Continue

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: smartphone with 10x stabilized optical zoom lens (and 16mp backlit CMOS), June 12, 2013
The Cameraholics Debate club will spend many sessions debating whether this is a camera with phone internals or a phone with a telescopic zoom lens attached to it, but regardless, Samsung has officially announced the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom... Continue

New Lens: tiny Samsung 10mm f3.5 NX fisheye lens, June 12, 2013
The schools have barely closed for the summer but the back to school announcement season is already underway in the world of consumer electronics. Samsung joined the announcement party this week with a new tiny 10mm f3.5 fisheye lens for... Continue

Android purists: the best unlocked Pure-Android cameraphones shipping June 26 [updated], June 1, 2013
UPDATE (12:30pm ET): This post was updated multiple times with new content since it was originally posted. I accidentally posted it before it was ready, so I ended up "live writing" it. Bad habits have staying power :) If you... Continue

Samsung planning big June 20 announcement - will it include cameras? iLC Android cameras?, May 28, 2013
Samsung is planning a big product announcement event on June 20 in 2013 in London as you can see at CNet. Not a coincidence, it is one week after Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer's Conference). It will include products in... Continue

Dxomark rates the Samsung Galaxy S4: does it beat the iPhone 5 and Nokia Pureview 808?, May 22, 2013
Dxomark is back with another lab test report, this time they evaluated quite possibly the hottest smartphone du jour at the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Mobile Ratings are on the right side of the Dxomark website. Suspense: did... Continue

Laptop pixel-peepers, a Samsung 3200 x 1800 13.3" laptop is coming, May 20, 2013
If you are a laptop pixel-peeper, Samsung has some candy for you in the pipeline! They teased new laptops using 3200 x 1800 displays, a resolution that goes by the easy to forget name of WQXGA+. This is destined for... Continue

Can any of these three (Usain Bolt, Best Buy, Chase Jarvis) help Samsung's NX mirrorless system?, May 16, 2013
Samsung was one of the first to jump on the mirrorless bandwagon, divorcing their DSLR K-wife in doing so. And they have APS-C size sensors. And the Samsung brand name recognition and popularity is skyrocketing thanks to their Galaxy smartphones.... Continue


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