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New Samsung NX Mini camera is officially announced, March 18, 2014
It looks like Samsung is taking a page from its smartphone strategery and transferring it to their NX interchangeable lens cameras. Today Samsung announced the new "NX Mini" iLC camera, with a 3-inch twist-and-shout screen on the back, a 20.5mp... Continue

(ENDED) Mobile World Congress Live Announcements In Next Few Hours: Sony, Nokia, Samsung, etc [updated], February 23, 2014
The announcements happened at the 2014 Mobile World Congress on Monday 2/24/14 revealing new flagship smartphones from Samsung and Sony among other things... The original alert for the announcements is after the jump for historical reference only (the events already... Continue

New at CES 2014: Toshiba retro-focus module, Lexar CFast 2.0, JVC camcorders, EyeFi, etc, January 7, 2014
And now lettuce serve up some of the side dish announcements that were not on the main menu at yesterday's announcement luncheon. Wow, so many food puns in one sentence! *hangs head in shame* + the 60x Samsung WB2200F superzoom... Continue

Samsung launches a 60x optical zoom superzoom dual grip digital camera (five new ones today), January 7, 2014
Samsung announced today five new Wifi superzooms. They did not announce these during their CES presentation yesterday. These five cameras feel dissed ;-) But Samsung is grabbing the headlines by "winning" the "size" wars with a new 60x optical zoom... Continue

Samsung reveals first serious NX zoom lens: 16-50mm f2-2.8 OIS [and also 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OIS Power Zoom], January 2, 2014
Coming together with the NX30 camera announcement, Samsung also revealed two new lenses for their NX system today. Both are 16-50mm APS-C lenses, but they couldn't be any more different. One is the first "serious" zoom lens in the NX... Continue

New Samsung NX30 APS-C mirrorless camera with tilting EVF and rotating Display, January 2, 2014
In addition to the Samsung Galaxy 2 camera, Samsung also announced, while orbiting Planet CES 2014, the new NX30 mirrorless system camera, which becomes the new leader of the NX APS-C pack. If you are a fan of moving displays,... Continue

New Android camera: Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, January 2, 2014
Samsung is picking up where it left off in 2013 by starting 2014 wit a new round of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink announcements. New for 2014 is the new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, an Android digital camera running Android 4.3. It has a... Continue

Samsung rearranging chairs: Digital Imaging and Smartphones/Mobile Move A Lot Closer, December 13, 2013
Samsung is re-arranging their digital camera chairs by blending their digital camera efforts with their mobile (smartphones, etc) efforts. The promise of this move is better cameras for their mobile devices and better products for their stand-alone cameras. A blend... Continue

Revelation: Samsung NX300M is running on the Samsung+Intel Tizen OS, November 11, 2013
Surprise! Samsung has another first in the world of interchangeable lens cameras (iLC). Samsung was the first serious camera manufacturer to offer an interchangeable lens camera running on Android, but they were/are the first manufacturer to offer an iLCie with... Continue

New 13mp Samsung smartphone camera module promises better OIS and up to 8x better low light performance in certain situations, October 11, 2013
A new camera module from Samsung is promising better optical image stabilization (up to 1.5), and up to 8X better low light performance in certain circumstances. The new module will have a 13-megapixel sensor. The announcement is in Korean, so... Continue

New Samsung NX300m mirrorless for the Korean market, October 10, 2013
Korea is probably Samsung's best camera market (where according to one data source, they are trailing Sony), so it makes sense that they would release a Korean market only variation-on-a-theme of the Samsung NX300. It is the new Samsung NX300m... Continue

Samsung ISOCELL technology promises better colors in low light than BSI for smartphone/smaller sensors, September 24, 2013
From the world of sensors and R&D, Samsung is promising better colors in low light than BSI (backlit) sensors with its new ISOCELL technology. The claims are made at the Samsung Tomomorrow Electronics blog. It includes an sample picture crop... Continue

Samsung IFA 2013: the era of Wrist Photography Has Began with Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, September 4, 2013
The next big IFA 2013 after the Sony announcement was the Samsung IFA 2013 announcement at 1pm New York City time. The event was live-streamed on YouTube by Samsung Mobile and covered at the The Verge Live Blog from IFA... Continue

(ENDED) Mark your calendars: Sony and Samsung Live Events at IFA 2013 at 10am and 1pm New York City time on Wednesday 9/4/13, September 3, 2013
These events took place on September 4 in 2013. The blog-post below remains after the jump for historical reference... Mark your celandars and set up your alarm clocks! There will be two high profile IFA 2013 events in Berlin tomorrow... Continue

Paranoid Android: Samsung prices the Galaxy NX iLC camera at $1600 body, $1700 with lens, August 29, 2013
Sing along, all together now, Photo-Karma Police, arrest this company! Samsung went off the wall today with a rather unusually high price for their new Galaxy NX interchangeable lens mirrorless camera phone creature. It will go for $1,600 body only... Continue


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