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samsung nx5 archives (4 posts)

Samsung NX5 for Korea and Europe so far, June 7, 2010
There is more existential action on the Samsung NX5! CNet Asia contacted Samsung Asia and were told the camera is currently planned for Korea and Europe. Focus Numerique writes that the NX5 is coming to France. Alors! Tres jolie! Earlier... Continue

Samsung confuses itself and everyone about the NX-5, June 4, 2010
This was probably one of the most confused interchangeable-lens camera announcements ever. Samsung still can't get its act together and communicate to people around the world about the NX-5. Latest case in point, AP UK contacted Samsung and was told... Continue

New Samsung NX5 mirrorless announced in Europe (updated), June 1, 2010
Samsung has revealed their second NX-series camera, the NX5 which slots below the NX10 in terms of price and features. So far it has only been announced in Europe. Continue

Samsung NX5 shows up on Samsung camera registration page, April 28, 2010
The Samsung camera registration page shows the NX5 in addition to the NX10 as an option! Sounds like a real camera, eh? :) Continue


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