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Olympus E-M1 Episode III: Teardown, More Samples, More Hands-on Reports, September 16, 2013
And now, Episode III! In Episode I, we covered the Olympus E-M1 announcement. In Episode II, we covered the E-M1 Morning After. Now we have more samples, more hands-on previews and even a teardown. There's even some action centered on... Continue

Episode II: more Olympus E-M1 Hands-on Previews, Videos, Opinions and RAW samples (vs E-M5, X-M1, GX7), September 11, 2013
Round #2! In this post, we cover new Olympus E-M1 hands-on reports and previews that were posted after our original Olympus E-M1 hands-on reports round-up was finalized... The Olympus E-M1, along with the new 12-40/2.8 lens and battery grip are... Continue

dpreview changing standard studio test scene [with Panasonic GX7 samples], August 15, 2013
All things come to an end. The pixel-peepientially-iconic dpreview studio-test-scene pixel-peepers have been torturing their eyes with is getting updated and upgraded. Dpreview launched a new version (currently in beta). This new change is discussed vigorously in the dpreview comments... Continue

Curiosity Factor: RED Dragon 6K video footage impresses with dynamic range, August 4, 2013
From the Curiosity O'Factor department, we have video footage from the RED Dragon 6K by director Mark Toia at the RED User forums. You can enjoy the video in all its glory on Vimeo and find it Vimeo-embedded below as... Continue

Spot the differences: Sony RX1R vs RX1 in three JPEG samples at FN, July 25, 2013
Focus Numerique posted a three JPEG sample test, showing three different images taken with the RX1 (on the left) and the RX1R (on the right). Can you spot any differences? And if yes, do you agree with the FN findings... Continue

MSFT VP leaks 41mp Lumia 1020 sample pictures (Nokia schedules July 11 live-streaming event), July 8, 2013
While HTC bucked the trend by increasing the pixel-size and reducing the number of pixels with the critically-acclaimed UltraPixeled HTC One, Nokia continues to push the envelope on the more-megapixels end of the spectrum with a new 41-megapixel Lumia 1020... Continue

Samples: Ricoh GR (APS-C) ISO-range and Color Chart (JPEG), May 20, 2013
If nothing else, the Ricoh GR (APS-C edition) may succeed in bringing down the prices for the "Big Sensor Primes" category. Not much is known yet about the Ricoh GR in terms of measurable performance. One new piece of information... Continue

Zeiss Touits: Full Size Samples with 12/2.8 and 32/1.8 in both NEX and Fuji X, May 15, 2013
More Zeiss action! ePhotozine Japan has published hands-on reports with lots of real-world JPEG samples taken with the Zeiss Touit 12mm f2.8 and the Zeiss Touit 32mm f1.8. Samples are available from both NEX (NEX-7) and Fuji X (X-Pro1, X-E1)... Continue

Zeiss Touits: lab test, hands-on video, samples of Fuji X Touits, and more [updated], May 11, 2013
More Zeiss Touits action! DSLR Magazine just published their testing report including their lab test charts and graphs for the Fuji X mount! You can also read it computer translated. Also included are two side-by-side scenes taken with the Zeiss... Continue

More Olympus E-P5 hands on reports and official JPEG samples, May 10, 2013
Since we finalized last night's Olympus E-P5 announcement round-up, seven more hands-on reports and official Olympus JPEG samples (via PB) were posted. We added them to the aforelinked post, but since most people have better things to do than version-control... Continue

Imaging Resource Burst Mode: Test Samples from Ricoh GR, Canon SL1, NX300, WB800F, A580, HX300, WX300, May 8, 2013
Digital cameras are not the only ones with a burst mode feature. Imaging Resource has a burst mode feature as well! They posted their first wave of studio test samples from seven different digital cameras, including the Ricoh GR and... Continue

The $1000 Samyang Tilt Shift Lens: Pixel-Peeped, Sampled and In-Stock Nao in both Samyang and Rokinon flavors, May 6, 2013
Samyang continues to challenge the lens market status quo and one of their latest challenges is a $1000 tilt shift lens. We have more action on this curiosity lens as follows: The Lens Rentals blog posted part #1 of their... Continue

Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 DC Lens: Hands-on at dpreview and samples from Korea, April 22, 2013
The latest Curiosity Factor lens is the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 DC SLR lens! We have two new developments on this lens: + two page hands on report at dpreview (discussed in dpreview comments) + many sample pictures at Korean website... Continue

Curiosity factor: Canon SL1/100D mini-Rebel samples at dpreview, April 10, 2013
Canon finally did something interesting with the Digital Rebel line by launching a more compact Digital Rebel, something that was foreshadowed during Canon interviews months and years before. The new Canon SL1 aka 100D has a new set of sample... Continue

Nikon A real-world samples and mini impressions at dpreview, April 4, 2013
dpreview published 21 real-world JPEG samples along with new mini first impressions after using the Nikon Coolpix A. The samples and impressions are discussed in the dpreview comments. Pentax used to be the leader in silly camera names, but now... Continue


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