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Leica teases "Mini M" with a June 11 announcement day - is this their Mirrorless System?, May 23, 2013
The official Leica website has a teaser that promises a "new Leica Family Member" on June 11th, and the picture below calls this the "Mini M", slotted in-between the Leica M-series and the Leica X-series (APS-C Big Sensor Primes). Is... Continue

Google I/O begins Wednesday: may or may not have photography impact, May 14, 2013
Google I/O, Google's big developers conference will begin on Wednesday May 14. It may or may not have announcements that impact photography. Google is all over the place in terms of technology and moonshot projects, so who knows. The various... Continue

Mobile: Nokia will reveal new camera-phone on Tuesday in London (and other stories), May 13, 2013
Update (5/14/13): This announcement revealed the new Lumia 925 and new Smart Camera app. Both Windows 8... Original expectations post after the jump and will no longer be updated... The Lumia 928 is not the only new camera-phone from Nokia!... Continue

Leakage: Olympus E-Pen E-P5 gets captured in China, May 3, 2013
The Olympus E-Pens are getting closer to finding a new leader. A leakage at the Chinese revealed a not-yet-released Olympus E-Pen E-P5 mirrorless camera. The situation is recapped at dpreview and discussed in the dpreview comments. Continue

Leakage: Sony Uber Cybershot Phone with 1/1.6" Exmor stacked sensor and G lens, May 1, 2013
Sony is trying to make progress in the world of uber-phones and a new leakage at reveals a new "Sony Honami" uber-phone with a 1/1.6" Exmor RS stacked sensor and a Sony G Lens. This uber-phone is so camera-ish,... Continue

(ENDED) Scott Kelby's Live Adobe Interview and Sneak Peek starts at 4pm NYC time, May 1, 2013
Between 4pm and 5pm New York City time today, Scott Kelby had a live interview and sneak peek with Adobe's Tom Hogarty today May-1-2013. It was a live broadcast at Kelby's The Grid website or directly on UStream. If you... Continue

Mark Your Calendars: Scott Kelby plans Live Interview with Adobe along with Sneak Peek of what they are working on, April 28, 2013
Photoshop super guru Scott Kelby managed to get Adobe to agree to be grilled live on the internets by Scott Kelby and also give the world an exclusive sneak peek on what Adobe is working on. Tom Hogarty is the... Continue

Speculation: Is CMOSIS (Leica M sensor) providing the Blackmagic Design sensor?, April 9, 2013
EOS-HD has published an investigative blog-post, speculating that the sensor for the new Blackmagic Design Production 4K camera is coming from CMOSIS, the company providing the CMOS sensor for the latest Leica M model. Please note this is investigative report,... Continue

Sony shows Prototype 4K DSLR Camera and Lenses (competing with Canon Cinema EOS), April 8, 2013
Sony is not going to stand by quietly why Canon makes inroads with its Canon Cinema EOS line. They are showing prototype 4K cameras and lenses at the 2013 NAB trade show! Must-see pictures and details of what is shown... Continue

Fuji X System Lens Road Map displayed at Focus On Imaging 2013, March 4, 2013
It is early March and this means a new Focus On Imaging trade show at the home of Aston Villa, Birmingham::UK. [see Trade Show Calendar]. While there, ePhotozine has captured a new Fuji X System Lens Road-map, showing five lenses... Continue

Google Czar promises Insanely Great Cameras in future Nexus phones, February 19, 2013
Google Czar Vic Gundotra (VP of Engineering), in a conversation on Google Plus said "We are committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras. Just you wait and see.". There are no permalinks to individual posts in Google Plus, so... Continue

A denial, a denial: Olympus denies it will stop producing DSLRs, February 13, 2013
Olympus issued a short official statement denying they will stop DSLR production. The situation is summarized at dpreview with discussion starting up in the dpreview comments. Whether this means continue to produce what's already available or produce new products, only... Continue

Interview with Casio: no mirrorless but larger sensor compacts in future, February 4, 2013
Interview time again! This time it is dpreview who took the task of interviewing Casio about their position in the digital camera market. Casio has made attempts at serious cameras (who can forget the $1000 high-speed EX-F1?), but they have... Continue

Olympus will release a E-P3 replacement E-Pen in 2013, February 4, 2013
It turns out Ricoh is not the only one making new product development announcements with empty shelves. Olympus did it too at the CP Plus 2013 trade show and DC Watch Impress (computer-translated) was there to capture it - here... Continue

Ricoh picture-confirms at CP Plus that a new GR series fixed lens prime camera is coming in 2013, February 4, 2013
If you are a fan of the Ricoh GR fixed lens digital camera primes, rejoice! Ricoh has confirmed via the display at its CP Plus 2013 trade show booth that a new GR model is coming in 2013! Here is... Continue


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