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Pentax Q lens roadmap updated to reflect new sensor (two lenses pending in future), July 1, 2013
Pentax updated their lens roadmap to reflect the new status quo with the old 1/2.x" sensors (Q and Q10) and the new 1/1.x" sensors (Q7). The new lens roadmap has two nebulous lenses planned for the future, a wide and... Continue

(OLDER POST) Canon 70D expected to be announced tonight with new sensor and improved ISO performance, July 1, 2013
The Canon 70D is now officially announced and also available for pre-order. The original post talking about the rumors is archived after the jump and will no longer be updated... ORIGINAL POST Multiple rumors point to tonight as the announcement... Continue

Big Samsung June 20 London Event will be streaming live on the internets, June 18, 2013
Samsung is planning a big announcement event in London on June 20 2013 and the event will be live-streamed on the Samsung YouTube channel. It will kick off at 19:00 BST (British Summer Time). Expected is a Samsung Galaxy branded... Continue

Hedge fund pushing Sony to spin off Entertaintment from company, June 18, 2013
A hedge fund that is one of the major Sony investors is applying more public pressure on Sony to spin off its Entertainment business (movies, music, etc) from the main company. It is a different type of business than consumer... Continue

Nokia teases "Zoom Reinvented" event for July 11, June 13, 2013
Mark your calendars! Nokia has scheduled a July 11 2013 event and one of the teasers for the event is "Zoom Reinvented". Just a couple of days ago Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone+camera with a stabilized 10x optical... Continue

Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless cameraphone coming June 20 (promised and leaked), June 13, 2013
The Samsung chief suggested that the first interchangeable lens camera phone, the Samsung Galaxy NX will make its debut at the big June 20 Samsung announcement event that has been previously mentioned. Details via Android Beat and Korea Times and... Continue

Leakage: Pentax Q system continues with Q7 and slightly larger 1/1.7 sensor, June 10, 2013
A leakage at (computer-translated) reveals that the Pentax Q system will continue in the new Pentax-Ricoh era. Continue and slightly grow. The sensor will "grow up" to 1/1.7" instead of the 1/2.x" sensor of the previous Pentax Q cameras.... Continue

Leica Mystery Camera: 16mp samples with Leica's blessings, June 8, 2013
Photographer Jono Slack published a handful of real-world JPEG samples taken with the Mystery Leica Camera (to be revealed June 11 in 2013). The samples are around 16-megapixels. The photographer says that he should be able/allowed to post some RAW... Continue

Leakage: more pictures of 41mp Nokia Pureview code-named EOS with giant lens, June 6, 2013
UPDATE New video leakage at The Verge and Engadget and Vizileaks show a nice close-up of the lens module of this mysterious "Nokia EOS" thing. As you can see over there, there are both "PureView" and "Carl Zeiss" logos on... Continue

Leakage: Pentax K-50 DSLR leaks at French retailer, June 6, 2013
We can barely keep up with the existing camera models, but that does not stop the flow of new cameras! A not-yet-announced Pentax K-50 DSLR has been leaked in all its glory by a french retailer, with the leakage captured... Continue

What is the extent of the Olympus and Sony Lens Cooperation?, May 29, 2013
The Olympus - Sony deal signed last year included a provision for Olympus to supply nebulous lens parts to Sony. The question is raised as to the extent of this arrangement. Will this be behind the scenes parts and designs... Continue

Nepenthe for the Lost Lenore: The Leica M Mini is an APS-C fixed lens camera with a 28-70mm zoom lens???, May 28, 2013
Leica published a new teaser for their June 11 announcement, the new teaser "cracks the box" open, revealing that the mystery camera will come with a lens as seen at the L-Camera Forum blog. One of the L-Camera Forum members... Continue

Investment Banker Jeffries calls for Sony to exit the Electronics business, May 28, 2013
Those business gurus must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Olympus is not the only one finding itself in their "Doom and Gloom" reports. New research by Jeffries suggests that Sony, "In our view, it needs... Continue

Ouch! Market Analyst 24/7 Wall Street predicts Olympus will be gone by 2014, May 28, 2013
24/7 Wall Street is a financial market analysis firm and one of their data-mining data-driven outputs is a list of brands/companies that will disappear. Their top ten of companies that will disappear at/by 2014 is out and it includes Olympus... Continue

Samsung planning big June 20 announcement - will it include cameras? iLC Android cameras?, May 28, 2013
Samsung is planning a big product announcement event on June 20 in 2013 in London as you can see at CNet. Not a coincidence, it is one week after Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer's Conference). It will include products in... Continue


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