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NAB 2013 Trade Show Floor round-up: RED Motion mount, Sony Anycast, Black Magic Codec, ARRI, Alphatron, Schneider Xenon, Canon, Zeiss, etc, April 9, 2013
The NAB 2013 trade show is alive and kicking in Las Vegas [see trade show calendar], so this is a good time for a trade-show floor round-up. We group things by manufacturer. For previous product announcements, check the category of... Continue

CP Plus 2013 Trade Show Floor round-up [finally final edition], February 4, 2013
Tape-delayed we are, but better never than late! Or is it the other way round? :) Here is a round-up of action from the Japanese CP Plus Trade Show Floor... The more newsy items are posted separately in the Trade... Continue

CES 2013 Trade Show Floor action: Fuji X100s, X20, Instax 8, Pentax MX-1, Flash, Sigma DP3m, Samsung 2D/3D lens, P&S, etc, January 11, 2013
We have another wave of updates from the CES and PMA 2013 Trade Show floor, so, you guessed it, it is time for a new Trade Show Floor action round-up! For previous round-ups, check the Trade Show round-up Archives. Fuji... Continue

CES 2013 Trade Show Floor action: Sigma DP3m, Fuji X100s, SL1000 (50x), Canon N square, Pentax MX-1, Samsung NX300, Nikon CX, Polaroid, etc, January 9, 2013
There are now enough new hands-on reports from the CES and PMA 2013 trade show floor to trigger a new Trade Show Floor round-up! If you missed yesterday's round-up, it is waiting for you to read. The CES Experience +... Continue

CES 2013 Trade Show Floor action: Pentax MX-1, Fuji Xs, Polaroid Android, Canon N square, Samsung NX300, Action Cams, etc, January 8, 2013
The CES + PMA 2013 opened the exhibit floor doors today for the world and a number of websites and blogs were there to touch and see and ask and feel and eventually publish their findings. This post attempts to... Continue

CES Monday Recap: 40 blog-posts and 52 new cameras, January 7, 2013
If you are just now catching up, you missed a crazy day. CES Mondays are always crazy days. If you want to catch up quickly, here are some places to start: + January 2013 archives: 40 blog-posts posted on CES... Continue

Insanity: Fifty-three (53) new digital cameras announced in 2013 so far! [recalc #2], January 7, 2013
Yes, dear readers. We did it! Break out the champaign! It is only January 7 and yet, we have fifty-three (53) new digital cameras announced in 2013! You can find them all through the New Cameras of 2013 reference page... Continue

Part II: Cameras of the Year (2012) and The Future [live update in progress], January 4, 2013
On Monday we posted Part #1 of the Cameras of the Year round-up. But more posts were posted since, and more things slipped past the first episode. So this is Part #2. Just like Part #1, this is just a... Continue

Cameras of the Year in 2012 and The Future: a round-up of what various websites and blogs think, December 31, 2012
The Planet is one foot in 2012 and another foot in 2013! Before 2012 goes completely away, let us take a look at the Best of 2012 and Predictions for the future - according to a variety of websites and... Continue

Newsbytes: Ilford b+w disposable film cameras, Fuji 14/2.8 XF delayed, Serif, Dxo, Divorce, new Canon printers, sensors, etc, December 5, 2012
Our newsy buffers filled up. Time to empty them with a new Newsbytes round-up... While we try to cover a variety of topics, these are not intended to be comprehensive coverage of everything about everything all the time :)... New... Continue

Newsbytes: 12mp TrueSense 4/3-inch CMOS sensor, Transcend Wifi cards, Adobe LR4.3 RC, etc, November 11, 2012
With the Elections and Hurricane Sandy there wasn't enough material to trigger a new edition of the Opinion Soup this weekend (but you can always check the Archives for previous episodes)... However, our Newsy buffers have been overfilled with newsbytes... Continue

Recap of the today's mega-burst of blog-posts and updates, November 9, 2012
This week we are inadvertently posting like a magazine: a burst of updates, followed by quietness, followed by another burst of updates. This is a recap of the latest posts published today. You can use the links below or simply... Continue

Recap of Epic Cameraholic Digest round-ups: eight new episodes today!, November 5, 2012
We finally concluded an epic catch-up-a-thon that brings you nine new blog-posts published on Sunday, starting with a brand new Opinion Soup round-up, covering opinions published the last three weeks. We finally caught up with the Cameraholic Digest updates. You... Continue

Newsbytes: Pentax interview, LED wars, Nikon woes, Hasselblad Fashion, etc, October 10, 2012
The Newsy buffers filled up, so it is time to empty them with a new Newsbytes round-up... News & Interviews + Pentax interviewed at DC Watch Impress (computer-translated) talking full frame and more [via/summary at RiceHigh] + more details on... Continue

News round-up: new Sony H100, new Adobe DNG spec, new Eye-fi flagship, iPhone 5 flare, dpreview NextGen, AT&T Galaxy camera, etc, October 7, 2012
We had a mini burst of newsy posts, so this is a good time to recap the happenings of the last few days: + new quietly announced camera: Sony Cybershot H100 superzoom (16mp 1/2.x" CCD, 21x stabilized, etc) + AT&T... Continue


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