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Hands-on with the new cameras and CP+ Trade Show Floor round-up, February 13, 2014
As it is often the case with important Trade Shows, we get a flurry of new product announcements on the eve of the official opening of the doors. In this post, we round up hands-on reports and previews of some... Continue

Mega Roundup #2: Hands-On Reports from the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor , January 13, 2014
On Friday we posted the first CES 2014 Mega Round-up. This is Part #2, covering posts and reports we did not previously mention. Here we go... A lot of the newly announced cameras and lenses are available for pre-order at... Continue

Mega Roundup: Hands-On Reports from the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor , January 10, 2014
And now time for the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor Hands-On Reports mega-round-up! To make it easier to scan, skim and read, we are grouping the posts by camera manufacturer and within that, by individual camera or product or product... Continue

New at CES 2014: Toshiba retro-focus module, Lexar CFast 2.0, JVC camcorders, EyeFi, etc, January 7, 2014
And now lettuce serve up some of the side dish announcements that were not on the main menu at yesterday's announcement luncheon. Wow, so many food puns in one sentence! *hangs head in shame* + the 60x Samsung WB2200F superzoom... Continue

Scatterbrain: Getty/AFP to pay for Twitter photos, Flickr photo books, 4D prenatal portraits, Picasa spy-vs-spy, etc, November 26, 2013
We will try to catch up with the "timeline" by tonight, because after tonight, we are going in Black Friday Madness mode. In the meantime, here is a random round-up (thus, scatterbrain) of camera and photo related buzzworthy-ish stories... +... Continue

Scatterbrain: BlackMagic gets RAW video, Panasonic part of Tizen association, Lytro 3D, Winter Olympics: Photos YES, Video NYET, November 12, 2013
We have a new Scatterbrain, a potpouri round-up of potentially interesting items... + BlackMagic Camera 1.5 software brings RAW video recording (CinemaDNG RAW) to its cameras per their press release (via Engadget). Speaking of which, the Blackmagic Design Pocket M43rds... Continue

Scatterbrain: DSLR sales falling, War Photography, Winter Olympics no to Instagrams, GoPro breakout story, etc, November 11, 2013
Unfortunately we have fallen behind the current "timeline" by at least 10 days, so it will take a couple more days before we catch up. In the meantime, here is a new edition of "Scatterbrain", a potpouri of some of... Continue

Scatterbrain: new iOn Air Pro 3 action cam, Pinterest attribution via Getty Images, more G+ features, Your Album Art, H.264 open source, HTC One bullet time rig, etc, October 30, 2013
In this new experimental feature, we take a snapshot look at some of the many potentially interesting new camera and photography related things that were recently posted online. This one happens to have a bit of a mobile photography focus.... Continue

IFA 2013 Trade Show Floor round-up: Sony QX100, QX10, Ricoh Theta, Fuji 23/1.4, Nikon P7800, Canon G6, S120, Booth Visits, etc, September 8, 2013
Since this is an odd-numbered year, which means no Photokina Trade show in 2013, we can get our Trade Show fix with a photography-priority round-up of trade show floor action that happened at IFA 2013 in Berlin::Germany! This is only... Continue

IFA 2013 recap so far: Sony, Samsung, Wacom, Canon, Schneider, September 4, 2013
It has been a rather eventful IFA 2013 in Berlin so far. This post summarizes some of the big announcements so far. Sony stole the show with their new QX100 and QX10 sensor-lens-modules-for-smartphones, offering 1" and 1/2.3" sensors and zoom... Continue

Opinion Soup: Photographer Interviews Edition, August 26, 2013
There were many photographer interviews the last few days, and the latest Opinion Soup grew too long, so the Photographer Interviews have gotten their own spin-off show. We also include "satellite" interviews. No, not actual satellites, but people involved with... Continue

Opinion Soup: Lenses, Exotic Gear, Professional/Business, Controversies, Tips/Tutorials, etc, July 22, 2013
It is winter in the Southern hemisphere, a great time for some soup. Some Opinion Soup! A big helping of it actually. If you missed any previous (or future) updates, check the Opinion Soup archives. If you wrote or read... Continue

New Photography Podcast Episodes talking Adobe Cloud, Photography As Art and More, May 16, 2013
Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and that may mean more travel with trains, planes and automobiles, so this may be a good time to spend idle travel time "on topic" without working - with some photography podcasts!... Continue

Mobile Noise: smaller Samsung Android superzoom leaks, Wink Shutter, Snoop Dogg Photo app, revenge of Instagram Food, etc, May 12, 2013
Mobile Noise is an occasional round-up that offers a sampling of some of the action in the world of mobile and smartphone photography! This is not intended to be comprehensive play-by-play coverage like the Cameraholic Digests... Newsy - Gear +... Continue

Newsbytes: Kodak Film Division, Canon 5DMk2 firmware, new Yongnuo, etc, May 4, 2013
Newsbytes is a round-up of news and newsy items! We break them in multiple categories to make reading and scanning the list easier. A giant list of links is usually harder to skim/scan/digest... Also, please note we can't post everything... Continue


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