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ricoh GRD III archives (32 posts)

New Ricoh GRD IV arrives with sensor-shift stabilization, hybrid AF, September 15, 2011
After years of waiting, Ricoh has decided to update their GRD prime fixed lens digital camera with the new Mark IV model, the GRD IV! The camera continues with a 10mp 1/1.7" CCD sensor, which perhaps may explain the VGA... Continue

Reviews Etc (X100, A55, T3i/600D, T3/1100D, SH100, LX5, etc), March 25, 2011
Time for another review round-up! But first, we have a new segment in these round-ups. We often get carried away and act as if this is a non-profit/hobby blog, but in reality, it takes countless hours per day to do... Continue

Reviews Etc (Pentax K-5 low-light AF, D3100, NEX-5, XZ1 samples, Ricoh vs Ricoh, etc), February 22, 2011
And now time again to round-up some of the latest reviews. For lens reviews, as usual, be sure to check the Lens Reviews Cafe, now with Stevia! We start with some hardcore gearhead action, where Falk Lumo evaluates the low... Continue

Reviews, Etc (A580, E-PL2, K-5, K-r, EX1/TL500, P7000, etc), January 24, 2011
And now time to catch up with some of the latest camera reviews from the photo-blogo-sphere! As usual, lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews basement. DSLRs + we already mentioned the Dxomark A580 data and APS-C group... Continue

Review Train (Olympus E-5, Panasonic FZ100, Canon 60D, G12, ISO D90 vs NEX-5, etc), December 8, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train", blasting through the desert at 5mph! For lens reviews, as usual, check the Lens Reviews tea pot. For previous editions of the "Review Train" and other review-related posts, please check the... Continue

Review Train (S95 vs LX5 vs EX1, Pentax K-5, D7000 noise, NX100, A33, P7000, etc), November 10, 2010
It is raining hot-camera action today! We start with a 3-way comparison at Quesabesde between the Canon S95, Panasonic LX5 and Samsung EX1/TL500, three compact-compact serious compacts! The first part of the review includes plenty of camera body hands-on pictures... Continue

Firmware update madness: NX10 gets i-Function, GRD3 gets new features, and more, October 7, 2010
It looks like manufacturers wisely decided to "save" firmware updates for now, now that the Photokina madness has decidedly quieted down. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list - here are some of them: + Samsung NX10 gets... Continue

Review Train (HS10, X90, E-PL1, K-x, NEX-5, EX1, GRD3, etc), July 23, 2010
Time to check on some of the latest camera reviews out there! We will also have a software review round-up coming up during the weekend. For now, it's cameras! If you want to check the latest lens reviews, which include... Continue

New firmware Monday: Ricoh GXR, GRD3, Samsung NX10, May 17, 2010
Today the Samsung NX10, Ricoh GXR and GRD III have received new firmware updates. Continue

Playing with the Ricoh GRD III Stussy edition, January 24, 2010
Japanese website DC Watch is playing with the Ricoh GRD III Stussy Continue

The Ricoh GRD cameras take on the Epson R-D1s, January 10, 2010
It's not often we see the Epson R-D1s digital rangefinder included in a comparison test, so head on over to the Ricoh GRD Diary for part #7 of their review of the Ricoh GRD III. In this post, they image-compare... Continue

Ricoh goes blue with Stussy co-branded limited edition GRD III, December 20, 2009
Ricoh will launch 500 units of the GRD III in a new Stussy-inspired designed. Continue

A street cam named desire (was: street-camera comparison: G11 vs GRD3 vs GF1), December 14, 2009
The ALC blog compares the Canon G11, Ricoh GRD III and Panasonic GF1 as street photography cameras with a real-world experiment. Continue

New episodes on Ricoh GRD III and Olympus E-P1, December 9, 2009
New episodes in the on-going multi-part series for the Olympus E-P1 (TOP) and Ricoh GRD III (GR Diary). Continue

Ricoh GRD III - the big multi-part review has began!, December 3, 2009
As promised earlier on, the Ricoh GR Diary News blog has began their in-depth multi-part review of the Ricoh GRD III. Today they have posted part #1 which provides an introduction to the camera, and part #2 which looks at... Continue


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