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In depth article: Google Reader DIES on June 30, Here is a List of RSS Reader Alternatives (also: don't forget to Export your Google Reader Data!), June 24, 2013
June 30 is the last day for Google Reader, the most popular RSS reader at the time Google decided to end-of-life it. A number of alternatives exist today and even more are in development. There are plenty of choices out... Continue

New feature: Digital Camera Line-Ups (serious, advanced, intriguing cameras only), May 9, 2012
We have a new digital camera reference feature! We have created a digital camera line-up map of the market, featuring only serious, advanced and intriguing digital cameras. These are cameras most of our readers are interested in. This feature is... Continue

Trade Show Calendar for 2012 and 2013 (Photokina, PMA, CES, CP+, Focus, etc), December 26, 2011
The new year is almost upon us, so let us take a look at some of the many trade shows scheduled to take place in 2012 and also in 2013 [added since original post]... This list is created more with... Continue

The 20 most recent DSLRs and iLCs (live chart), June 12, 2011
And now time for some geekery! Did you ever wonder which were the 20 most recent DSLR/iLC camera announcements? Wonder no more! We have a new live chart for you that lists them. The blue bars are the number of... Continue

Visualize this: the 35mm full frame digital cameras since 2002, March 27, 2011
2002 was one of the most influential years in the world of digital cameras, we had the first wave of reasonably priced DSLRs (around $2000) during the PMA season and the start of the short-lived CaNiKon vs Kodak full frame... Continue

A visual look at the age of DSLRs and iLC/mirrorless cameras, March 21, 2011
And now it is time to take a visual look at the current state of affairs in the DSLR/interchangeable-lens camera world! A picture is worth 1000 words, and it would probably take that many words to describe what the charts... Continue

The Age of DSLRs and iLCs: a new visual self-updating reference page (BETA), October 18, 2010
We have new visual reference page that shows the comparative age of the most recent DSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras. This is a live self-updating chart, the camera age is automatically updated every day. The starting point is the official... Continue

Every National Geographic issue in digital format in a boxed set, September 6, 2009
You can now have every issue of the National Geographic Magazine, spanning 120 years, in digital format! Continue

DIYPhotography has a roundup of 49 hacks, mods, tricks and DIY projects, June 23, 2009
DYI Photography has posted a great reference of 49 DIY projects, mods, tricks and hacks that can save time, money, frustration and give a sense of creation! Continue

Current and recent DSLRs and iLCs - slideshow edition, June 10, 2009
Slide-show #2 is of a different kind, it lists the current and recent DSLR and interchangeable lens camera models. Continue

Nikon DSLR comparison: four pages of line-by-line specifications, April 14, 2009
Nikon has just updated their giant PDF document comparing line by line all the specifications of their nine current DSLRs in four big pages. Continue

Geek out with Sony high-speed sensor internals, April 12, 2009
We take a look at a technical article posted by Sony itself on the technology behind its high-speed CMOS sensors for compact digital cameras. Continue

Terminology: Announcement vs Release, Rumors and other friends, April 9, 2009
A post trying to clarify the use of various terms, such as announcement, release, leak, speculation when it comes to digital cameras and lenses. Continue

My ISO never lies, but the manufacturer does?, February 2, 2009
The AIRC takes a look at the DXOMark data and reveals which cameras are deviating from their listed ISO rating. Some are on the spot, others are rather off. Find out which! Continue

Handy references at this blog, January 9, 2009
A round-up of some of the handy reference digital camera and photography pages available at this crazy blog. Continue


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