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RED archives (48 posts)

Mark your calendars: Canon at 6pm NYC time, RED at 9pm NYC time, November 3, 2011
UPDATE: Check the announcement round-ups below... + Canon Cinema EOS announcement coverage + Canon is also working on a 35mm full frame "EOS Movies" proper DSLR + check the remote live-blogging RED announcement coverage + the original post is after... Continue

Reviews (Phase One IQ180 digital-back Dxomark, K-5, GF3, superzooms, etc), October 15, 2011
And now let's check some of the latest reviews. Lots of superzooms are part of today's action, along with the Dxomark-ing of a digital back, and lots mo(i)re... Interchangeable Things + Phase One IQ 180 digital back RAW sensor data... Continue

Reviews (A77, NEX-C3, E-PL3, J-Lo, P7100, FZ150, etc), October 11, 2011
A numbers of new reviews have gone live, so it is time for another review round up. Here we go, in lightning round format... Interchangeable Lenses + Sony Alpha A77 at Photoscala also available in computer-translatese + Sony NEX-C3 at... Continue

[Updated: was already planned] RED Scarlet may have a surprise - interchangeable lenses?, October 1, 2011
UPDATE (Oct-3-2011): Readers point out in the comments that a Scarlet with interchangeable lenses was previously planned by RED a few moons ago. A post from March 2011 in the REDUser forums seems to prioritize the Scarlet with a fixed... Continue

RED will be revealing Scarlet final specs on November 3rd, September 21, 2011
You gotta love the viral marketing wars! Canon is planning a historic global announcement on November 3rd, and now RED will be revealing the final specs of the RED Scarlet also on November 3rd! Recap of the situation at Cinescopophilia,... Continue

Also (new Sony CineAlta F65, Adobe Carousel cloud, printers, software, etc), September 8, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest newsbytes, which include a new high-end Sony digital video camera, an Apple-flirting not-free cloud-based photo storage and sharing service by Adobe, new Kodak and Epson printers, new software, and mo(i)re! Digital Video Wars... Continue

Also (Pentax K-lenses to Q-bodies, new Zeiss filters, Samyang M43 fisheye, RED EPIC-X ships, etc), September 5, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest news in lightning round format! + Pentax showcases their K-lenses to Q-bodies adapter in Japan, captured by DC Watch Impress (via Rice High) + new Zeiss UV and circular polariser filters - via... Continue

Laforet beta-testing Canon lenses mounted on the RED EPIC, August 6, 2011
Have a respectable arsenal of Canon EF lenses and you are also seriously interested in video, perhaps the RED EPIC? You will be thrilled to know that RED is working on a Canon EOS mount adapter for the RED EPIC... Continue

Also (Ricoh GXR-M sighting, Zoerk for Pentax 67, Tokina 17-35 delayed, RED), July 15, 2011
Time to catch up with a couple more newsbytes, starting with the tape-delayed department: the Ricoh GXR-M (Leica M-mount sensor+lens module) was featured at Ricoh Japan's own GR blog (computer-translated) earlier in the week. It shows the camera in a... Continue

Philip Bloom on making a short film with the RED EPIC, July 12, 2011
Philip Bloom posted a detailed behind the scenes blog-post discussing the technical "making of" his new 4-minute short, "Great Wooden Boats" (Vimeo), recorded with the new RED EPIC, and profiling the Great Lakes Boat Building Co, a maker of small... Continue

Also (5D Mark III false alarm, RED EPIC unbox tomorrow on G+, Photovine), July 11, 2011
"Also" is a new segment that combines two or more alerts together for the sake of expediency and blog-space preservation when there are multiple new posts in a short period of time! + false alarm alert: a student created a... Continue

The Great (Video) Camera Shootout 2011 part #1 is out (30 min, 15 cameras), June 16, 2011
If you are a fan of digital video, there is a new season of the "Great Camera Shootout", the 2011 edition. This edition focuses on large-sensor pro video cameras. A total of 15 cameras are included in this group-test, including... Continue

Hands-on report with the RED EPIC by Vincent Laforet, June 11, 2011
As you may have guessed or found out, the "secret camera" that took the mystery picture at Laforet's blog was none other than the RED Epic! Now Vincent Laforet has published a hands-on report with the RED Epic on his... Continue

Cine Gear 2011 Expo (Zeiss talks SLR vs CP lenses, RED, GH2 rig, etc), June 4, 2011
The 2011 Cine Gear Expo is underway in Los Angeles, so time to check some of the action in the photo-video-blogo-sphere! + Zeiss representative talks differences between Zeiss SLR (ZE, ZF.2) lenses and CP.2 lenses at Wide Open Camera [music... Continue

New Sony NEX FS-100 now official (Super35 w/NEX E-mount) [updated], March 22, 2011
The Sony NEX FS-100 Super35mm digital video camera using the NEX E-mount lens mount has now been officially announced by Sony with a list price of $6550. Click the "Specifications" tab there for detailed specs. It will ship with the... Continue


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