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Nikon patents f2-f2.8 lens for Coolpix type camera, July 19, 2012
Once upon a time Nikon was among the leaders in the world of fixed-lens cameras with RAW (5400, 8400, 8700, 8800, etc). Then they abandoned the segment only to return with what some aficionados of compacts-with-RAW may call half-hearted attempts.... Continue

New open source 4K Super35 CinemaDNG RAW sub-$10k crowd-funded video camera, July 12, 2012
The internets may be full of Tumblrs and animated .GIFs, but they also allow for things that were not even remotely possible a decade ago. Like a crowd-funded open-source video camera! Apertus has announced that they are developing the Axiom,... Continue

Geekery: Sony NEX-5n Cine Housing (prototype), July 9, 2012
What if you have a Sony NEX-5n and want to use it for video recording, and only wish, why can't someone make a cine housing? Wish granted! In prototype at the moment. Richard Gale has built a Cine Housing for... Continue

Patent watch: Ricoh 14mm lens for 4/3 and 19mm for APS-C, July 7, 2012
Japanese patent-hunting blog Egami (computer-translated) has spotted two recently published Ricoh lens patents. The patents were filed in December 2010, but only now released. The two patented lenses are a 14mm for a 4/3" sensor and a 19mm for an... Continue

Olympus on the attack: shows prototype wearable display glasses (think Google Project Glass), July 5, 2012
It looks like perhaps Olympus is making a concentrated effort to beef up its image after it took a beating with the financial kerfuffle. Soon after The Hierarchy revealed that the E-M5 is using a Sony-made sensor and calling it/Sony... Continue

DSLR mini-panic: Apple interchangeable system of sorts for iPhone [patent application; updated], June 18, 2012
Mini-panic on the streets of DSLR-Ville! Apple has filed a patent application (check the PDF file there for diagrams and details) for a situation where a removable back case for the iPhone will allow the user to reconfigure or swap... Continue

Patent watch: Ricoh patents Smart Lens Cap, May 20, 2012
Lens caps have been on the receiving end of many photography and photographer related jokes, but today they strike back! Ricoh has filed a new patent, writes patent-hunting blog Egami (computer-translated), for a lens cap that can absorb impact and... Continue

Pixel-peep this: 3mp Google Project Glass real-world picture (prototype), May 8, 2012
This is turning out to be a very busy day. We now have something almost diametrically opposed to the just-posted Nikon D800 dp+review and the Cameraholic Digest. Google's Project Glass has published a 3-megapixel real-world sample picture taken with prototype... Continue

Patent watch (sensors): Sony hybrid organic & inorganic, April 10, 2012
Japanese patent hunting blog Egami features a Sony sensor patent (computer-translated) that is a hybrid of organic and inorganic material, trying to make the most of the pros of each technology and minimize the cons. The computer-translation describes them as... Continue

Interview with Nokia: low-light, camera shake in focus, March 19, 2012
Amateur Photographer UK has published an interview with Nokia, more specifically with their lead program manager, talking about the new buzz-generating 41-megapixel cameraphone and Nokia's focus on low light and camera shake among other things. We have Bayer-pixels, Foveon-pixels, and... Continue

Panasonic planning camera, smartphone and smart TV interconnectedness, February 29, 2012 was at a Panasonic Europe event where Panasonic teased upcoming developments further interconnecting digital cameras with smartphones and smart TVs. One of the slides shown at promises a future feature: control your camera with a smartphone. Pure speculation:... Continue

Patent watch: Canon 18-45mm f3.5-5.6 lens (29-70mm eq) for mirrorless, February 20, 2012
Japanese patent-hunting blog Egami (computer-translated) has spotted a Canon patent for a 18-45mm f3.5-5.6 lens for APS-C sensors (29-70mm eq) for mirrorless cameras - via/discussion at Canon Rumors As usual, please note that a patent is by no means a... Continue

Patent watch: Canon developing 4K RAW video codec, January 27, 2012
Canon continues to boldly go in the video world. A patent that was published for the world to see recently reveals that Canon is R&Ding (verb) a 4K RAW video codec! Here are the details: + patent (via @LoriCNET) +... Continue

R&D: New math promises up to 10x compresser compression, January 19, 2012
Do your math kids! - it will payoff in the future! A new submitted (not yet published) research paper coming from MIT promises to deliver up to 10x improvements in image compression using Fast Fourrier kind of math. Granted, the... Continue

Patent Wars: Six of the Top 8 US patent winners in 2011 are involved with photography and video, January 11, 2012
The day to day lives of digital cameras have not been affected by the ever-increasing "Patent Wars" at the same level as other consumer electronics products, but the top ten list of US patent winners in 2011 has an interesting... Continue


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