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500px Shocker: Photographers Only Get 30% of the Image License with their new Commercial Licensing program, February 8, 2014
Apple has come under fire for getting 30% of the digital sales made using its iOS app store. Wait until you hear what 500px wants as its "marketplace share" - 70% of the sale! Let's start from the beginning. 500px... Continue

Cameras get drawn in the Drone Wars, January 15, 2014
As if we didn't have enough of the paranoid own-shadow-fearers associating cameras and photographers with terrorism, we now have a new front of fearnoia, weaponized drones with cameras. And this isn't something an average person said, but a high-ranking Senator.... Continue

Two more Wake Up Calls for the Digital Camera Industry, January 5, 2014
I hate to start the year with a Debbie Downer topic, but we are here to deliver hard truths, Davos style, not be cheerleaders ;-) We have two more wake up calls for the digital camera industry. While Canon leaders... Continue

Lifestreaming wearable camera Memoto (now Narrative Clip) is finally shipping to some of the early adopters, December 11, 2013
The product formerly known as Memoto, a wearable life-streaming digital camera, is now finally shipping to the first wave of 22 (?) early-backers/customers per the company's blog. Since its announcement, the product has gotten a more function-descriptive name, it is... Continue

Panasonic will focus on mirrorless and superzooms and $300+ cameras in 2014, December 2, 2013
Panasonic is trying to get its digital camera business to stop losing money, so they decided to take drastic measures, to focus on cameras priced 30,000 (around $300) and higher. According to the announcement they will launch five new compact... Continue

FAIL: Walmart wants you to Empty All Tanks of Flammable Liquids Before Returning a Canon Elph 115 IS camera, November 19, 2013
While checking for the latest specials, we found something rather strange. We wanted to add this Canon Elph 115 IS bundle at Walmart to the shopping cart to see its sale price. Instead of seeing a price, we saw a... Continue

Halloween Financial Horrors: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Taiwan, October 31, 2013
Halloween night is as good of a night as any for some financial horror stories. A number of camera market signals have come out the last few days pointing out financial issues. DigiTimes Research reveals that shipments out of Taiwan... Continue

Cloud Crisis 2013: the previous Adobe Hack was much worse than originally estimated, October 29, 2013
Security website Kerbs On Security analyzed some of the data from the previously mentioned hack, and found out that the hack was much worse than Adobe originally estimated. Adobe itself confirmed that at least 38 million users were impacted,... Continue

Confused Polaroid iM1836 Mirrorless camera finds its way to, October 25, 2013
Ten days ago, Nikon's lawyers sued Polaroid for cut-and-pasting-without-shame their Nikon J1 design into their Polaroid iM1836 mirrorless cameras. Fast forward to today, and the camera is now available for purchase at for $300. This is a really confused... Continue

Nikon legally attacks Polaroid for stealing the Nikon J1 design in their camera, October 15, 2013
Perhaps this is a smart way for Nikon to generate some more interest in their Nikon CX 1-System. Their lawyers are now going after Polaroid for cut-and-pasting the Nikon J1 design for the Polaroid mirrorless cameras. Of course Polaroid is... Continue

PSA: 3~ million Adobe ID accounts compromised by hackers, October 4, 2013
All Your Clouds R Belong 2 Us! Nearly 3 million Adobe ID accounts were compromised by hackers. Customer names and encrypted payment information were "removed" from their systems. An explanation at the Adobe Blog. More coverage at CNet News and... Continue

Nikon financials: Mirrorless disappointment and Squeeze: is the CX 1-System becoming an Asia-only system?, August 8, 2013
Nikon announced its latest financial results (Reuters and AP UK) and there is mirrorless woe in them. While their mirrorless cameras (the Nikon CX 1-System) is doing well in Asia, it was not greeted as a liberator in Europe and... Continue

Panasonic and Sanyo get $spanked$ for lithium ion battery price fixing, July 21, 2013
I'm sure I'm not the first to have noticed some funky pricing with lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Some were priced as if they were worth their weight in gold and other precious metals. It turns out, there was some anti-free-market... Continue

Nikon wants to change the concept of cameras as it tries to adjust to the new smartphone reality, July 8, 2013
Bloomberg interviewed Nikon President Makoto Kimura on the 4th of July at Nikon's home court in Tokyo, and the Nikon El Presidente addressed the elephant in the room, the onslaught of smartphones with cameras and the decline of the point... Continue

Cracked Actor: Photoshop CC cracked just one day after launching, June 19, 2013
It only took one day for the internets to manage to crack the new Photoshop Creative Cloud (aka Photoshop CC). If only people could put their skills and creativity into something more productive than cracking commercial products. But I'm digressing...... Continue


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