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Also (Fuji 3D glasses-free V3 viewer, firmware (X10, Q), etc), November 2, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest news, newsbytes, newsbits and newsquarks! Here we go, in lightning round format... Newsy News + Fuji's 3D V3 glass-free viewer gets official announcement - via Pop Photo, dpreview et al [this was shown... Continue

Hands-on with Canon 1D X DSLR and Pixma Pro-1 printer [updated], October 26, 2011
Canon launched two back-to-back flagships in their dSLR and printer lines and now there is another wave of hands-on reports, fueled partially by the PDN Photo Plus Expo in New York and the Canon Pro Solutions 2011 in London. Here... Continue

Canon 1D X and Pixma Pro-1 hands-on reports from Pro Solutions 2011 in London (updated), October 25, 2011
Canon Pro Solutions 2011 is happening right now in London, and Canon is showing the 1D Mark X there, although they are still not allowing people to take pictures with it, but they do allow them to pixel-peep prints (!).... Continue

Canon launches new 12-ink Pixma Pro-1 flagship printer, October 23, 2011
The "1" in the name perhaps is an unmistakable sign that this is their new flagship printer. Canon has just launched the Pixma Pro-1 12-ink printer. Check the press release along with a five-page technical article about it at CPN... Continue

Also (Thailand updates, OlympusGate, CPS for emerging pros, etc), October 22, 2011
And now time to round-up some of the latest news. We start with the natural disasters in Thailand. Obviously the most important issue is the safety and recovery of the people in the region. On the camera front, Nikon has... Continue

Reviews (Phase One IQ180 digital-back Dxomark, K-5, GF3, superzooms, etc), October 15, 2011
And now let's check some of the latest reviews. Lots of superzooms are part of today's action, along with the Dxomark-ing of a digital back, and lots mo(i)re... Interchangeable Things + Phase One IQ 180 digital back RAW sensor data... Continue

Canon sends invites for EOS and Pixma event on October 26, September 27, 2011
Time for Future Talk Radio! Canon has been sending invites for an October 26 event. The invite includes the logos of both Pixma (printers) and EOS (SLR system). See the invites at Canon Rumors, Galbraith, and Photography Bay. On the... Continue

Reviews (J1, A35, GF3, E-PM1, E-PL3, R3000, T3, etc), September 24, 2011
Time to round up some of the latest reviews. For a stream of reviews as they happen, be sure to check our brand new Camera Reviews page with the easy to remember url You can also quickly get to... Continue

Reviews (new Sonys, M43rds, Pentax Q, GXR A12, X100, superzooms, meta news, etc), September 9, 2011
Time to check the latest reviews, previews and hands-ons! This turned out to be a super-sized edition, so fire up the coffee machine! Completed lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews mini-site< which also has an easy to... Continue

Also (new Sony CineAlta F65, Adobe Carousel cloud, printers, software, etc), September 8, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest newsbytes, which include a new high-end Sony digital video camera, an Apple-flirting not-free cloud-based photo storage and sharing service by Adobe, new Kodak and Epson printers, new software, and mo(i)re! Digital Video Wars... Continue

Reviews (A35, mirrorless party, Yongnuo, R2000, etc), August 29, 2011
Time to catch up with the latest reviews from the photo-blog-sphere! You can also catch up with the latest samples round-up. We split it in two because it got too long for a single post. Also: there will be yet... Continue

Also new from Canon: HF-DC2 Powershot Flash and lots of new printers, August 23, 2011
In addition to the two zoom-zoom Elphs and the SX150 IS superzoom, Canon has also announced some more products, namely a new Powershot flash and a variety of new MG-series and one iP-series printers... New Canon HF-DC2 Powershot flash Buried... Continue

Buying Advice: DSLR Cougars and Printers, July 29, 2011
And now time for a buyers advice round-up! As usual, opinions and suggestions are those of their authors and your mileage may vary with each product depending on many factors... + NeoCamera has suggestions for solid, feature-packed but older DSLRs... Continue

Reviews (D5100, G3, HX100v, HS20, XZ1, etc), July 26, 2011
And now time for another look at some of the many reviews that are drying up the internet ink! For the latest lens reviews check the lens reviews mini-site, which includes new reviews for the PanaLeica 25/1.4 (M43) and the... Continue

Also (Magnum crowd-sources, Dell $400 IPS, Canon mouses, Sandisk SSDs, etc), July 26, 2011
And now time for a rapid-fire newsbytes round-up! "Also" takes up less space in the title than "Newsbytes" or "News Round-up" :-) + Magnum is looking for volunteers to help properly catalog over 200,000 images in their archives says the... Continue


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