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Fuji jumps on smartphone printing bandwagon with new SP1 smartphone toy printer, January 6, 2014
Fujifilm has jumped on the smartphone printing bandwagon with the announcement of a new printer designed for smartphone printing. And by that I mean printing pictures from your smartphone to this Fuji printer. Not printing actual smartphones on this Fuji... Continue

Custom Photo Book Deal: 20-page 8x6 inch Photo Book for $5 with free shipping (or 8x8 for $10 or 8.5x11 for $15), September 11, 2013
We have a hot deal alert on custom photo books from Printerpix on Groupon!! You get the all-important Free Shipping and crazy low prices on top of that! An 8x6 inch photo book goes for $5. An 8x8 goes for... Continue

Kodak officially out of bankruptcy, now commercial printing company (also: interview with CEO), September 3, 2013
Kodak has officially survived Chapter 11 proceedings (bankruptcy) and it is emerging as a commercial printing company. The current CEO is interviewed on the past, present and future by the Associated Press Big Story. Details on the bankruptcy emergence via... Continue

DIY: Print your existing pictures in 3D - 3D as in adding a thickness dimension, not 3D glasses 3D, May 28, 2013
3D in movies and consumer electronics media consumption was not greeted as a liberator, but 3D in DIY and hack projects is slowly but steadily building geek-momentum. With more early adopters having access to 3D printers, crafty geeks are coming... Continue

Settlement: Apple vs Photographer on Retina image usage, January 9, 2013
From the Good News desk, the Apple vs photographer retina dispute is now settled according to court documents as shown at Swiss photographer Sabine Liewald was suing Apple for license misuse of one of his retina images. Now it... Continue

Polaroid power play continues: Opening Real-World Photo Printing bars (aka Fotobars), January 2, 2013
The current owners of the Polaroid brand are apparently determined to try to make the most of the Polaroid brand name recognition. The new development in their attempt at a power play is the launch of real-world photo printing bars.... Continue

Newsbytes: Ilford b+w disposable film cameras, Fuji 14/2.8 XF delayed, Serif, Dxo, Divorce, new Canon printers, sensors, etc, December 5, 2012
Our newsy buffers filled up. Time to empty them with a new Newsbytes round-up... While we try to cover a variety of topics, these are not intended to be comprehensive coverage of everything about everything all the time :)... New... Continue

Kickstarter 3D printing project raises $1.5 million in one week, October 2, 2012
Most of photography so far lives in the world of 2D. There have been attempts at 3D cameras, but mostly they have been for the boldly-going adventurous early-adopters. Part of the challenge with 3D is that 3D printing is a... Continue

As the Kodak bankruptcy world turns: Consumer Printing on Exit Orbit, September 28, 2012
The perhaps desperate attempt to save the salvageable parts of Kodak continues with the company shedding and pruning left and right. Today Kodak has announced their plans to wind down and then exit the consumer printing business. Existing products will... Continue

Polaroid News: new action/POV cameras, new Impossible Project instant films and Instant Lab hands-on, September 20, 2012
There is a new wave of new news today! We will cover the new news first and then start the trade show floor round-ups later today! We start with GaGa News! Yes, Lady Gaga's pet project, Polaroid [exaggeration], is jumping... Continue

New Canon Pixma Pro-10 and Pro-100 and even more printers, September 17, 2012
In addition to all the new cameras, Canon has squirted a number of printers, two in the Pixma Pro line (Pro-10 and Pro-100) to join the Pro-1, along with three MG-series models, and one or two more. Press release parade... Continue

Newsbytes: Getty Images sells for $3.3 billion, GiMP 2.8, R&D 100k dpi printing, etc, August 15, 2012
The newsy buffers have filled up, so it is time to let the newsy news escape into the atmosphere... + Getty Images sells for $3.3 billion at NY Times Dealbook (via APE) and BJoP; interview with Getty Images CEO at... Continue

Newsbytes: Tokina 300/6.3 (m43rds), Rollei 36x superzoom, X-Pro1 iPad app, new Canon M-printers, etc, August 8, 2012
A number of newsy items are filling up the buffers, so it is time to release the pressure with a new Newsbytes round-up... New Gear + Tokina 300mm f6.3 mirror less for M43rds launching in Europe for 400 euro via... Continue

Newsbytes: new Canon Pixma and Selphy printers, 24" Wacom tablet, etc, July 10, 2012
No new cameras today like the BenQ f1.8 surprise yesterday, but we had some other Newsbytes: + Canon launches three Pixma MG-series printers via Photography Blog and Engadget et al + Canon launches one new Selphy CP900 printer via Photography... Continue

Reviews (GX1, J1, E-PM1, V-Lux 3, Pixma Pro-1, X10 vs LX5 ISO, etc), January 3, 2012
Time to check the first wave of reviews in this new year, yes, it is 2012, the end of the world according to many credible movies (I saw them on the television and the movie theatres!). Lens reviews can be... Continue


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