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Poll to help determine blog's future: which recurring blog features do you find more useful?, March 18, 2014
Once upon a time we were able to follow the whole camera market with a very wide angle lens. However, since then, a steady barrage of new cameras (200+ per year) and new camera systems made the everything-about-everything style of... Continue

Election Day 2012: The Camera Manufacturers Favorability Ratings, November 6, 2012
It is Election Day in America, so in the spirit of that, we have an election for you as well, the Camera Manufacturer Favorability ratings! You can also cast provisional ballots by email, but you have to fill up the... Continue

Reader Poll: Are you willing to lift a finger to help fund a free full-text RSS feed?, October 8, 2012
A lot of people prefer full-text RSS feeds. They are more convenient and flexible to read, especially now-a-days with the Flipboards and Pulses and Instapapers and iPads and tablets and uber-screen smartphones. Unfortunately, full-text RSS feeds open up a website's... Continue

Poll: which cameras do you want us to create Stock Status pages for?, September 23, 2012
I think the Photokina 2012 announcements are over, so now it is time for an opinion + feedback poll. Which cameras would you like us to create Stock Status pages for? You can vote for as many cameras as you... Continue

Android fans, do you want to see a Google Nexus DSLR or mirrorless or serious compact?, August 24, 2012
After the announcement of the Nikon Coolpix S800c (Android), a curiously interesting and intriguing question is raised: How about a Google Nexus Android DSLR or mirrorless camera or serious compact with RAW? Since the early days of Android, Google has... Continue

Smash His Camera (Rob Galella documentary) - now free to watch at Amazon Prime, July 16, 2012
According to a previous poll, a significant percentage of our US-based readers are Amazon Prime members. In addition to the free 2-day shipping, the Amazon Prime subscription offers free streaming videos. One of the latest additions to the free streaming... Continue

Stock Updates: IN (5DMk3, D3200, D700) & OUT (D4, D800s, E-M5), June 5, 2012
A new Cameraholic Digest is coming up next, but first, we updated some of the in-play Stock Status pages and this is a summary of our findings, this time in essay-format instead of bullet list format. IN-STOCK: Canon 5DMk3, Nikon... Continue

Rumors: 1D FF DSLR & C500 (two Canon 4K cameras at NAB), April 11, 2012
Update (April 12 at 12pm NYC time): These are now official! Check the latest updates at the top of the front page or the News page or the Canon pages... Original rumor-post after the jump for the historians... RUMORS (before... Continue

Super Tuesday: Vote in the Digital Camera Primaries, March 6, 2012
It is Super Tuesday today, once every leap year, so now it is time for something fun: the digital camera primaries! There are four major parties contesting the election and all of them are running their own primaries: the Mirrorless... Continue

Will someone make a serious mirrorless/compact system? (poll), September 25, 2011
We now have at least six different compact interchangeable lens mirrorless camera systems launched in the digital era, Micro Four Thirds, Sony NEX E-mount, Samsung NX, Kenko C-mount (mostly Japan), Pentax Q and Nikon CX (I will not be using... Continue

Blog update: new minimalist front page, August 2, 2011
A new minimalist experiment is underway to make the front page of the blog easier on the eyes and on the browsers. Four Three changes have been made: 1) the giant sprawl of tags/categories/labels has been removed (you can still... Continue

Shark Week - so, which DSLRs are the Sharks of the DSLR Sea?, August 2, 2011
It is Shark Week at the Discovery Channel, so that got me thinking (me thinking is usually not a good thing, but that's another story). What about DSLRs? Which DSLRs are the Sharks of the DSLR Sea? Please free to... Continue

Vote to raise the Megapixel Ceiling? (Poll), August 1, 2011
Time for another Poll! This time we have a speculative subject - should we raise the APS-C sensor Megapixel Ceiling with the next generation of APS-C sensors? With Canon doing its own thing, the majority of camera manufacturers rely on... Continue

Which mount will get cancelled first? (poll), July 27, 2011
I hate to be a "Debbie Downer" but with so many different and incompatible camera systems and a market nowhere near as hot and growing as smartphones or tablets, it is not an unreasonable question to ask - can the... Continue

Where do you Back-up your Pictures? (multiple-answer poll), July 23, 2011
And now time for a poll! Where do you back-up your pictures? This is a multiple-answer poll, so please feel free to select all the answers that apply to you! For more elaborate answers, please feel free to elaborate in... Continue


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