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Polaroid iM1836: a new mirrorless camera prototype at CES 2014 (that does not look like a Nikon J1), January 13, 2014
After getting legally slapped in the face by Nikon after they got caught cut-and-pasting the Nikon J1 design, the Polaroid "designers" went back to the clipboard drawing board and showed a new mirrorless camera design at CES 2014. Who did... Continue

New at CES 2014: Toshiba retro-focus module, Lexar CFast 2.0, JVC camcorders, EyeFi, etc, January 7, 2014
And now lettuce serve up some of the side dish announcements that were not on the main menu at yesterday's announcement luncheon. Wow, so many food puns in one sentence! *hangs head in shame* + the 60x Samsung WB2200F superzoom... Continue

Polaroid announces new Android Instant Zink Social Touchscreen Camera and various Wifi superzoom cameras (15x to 50x), January 6, 2014
And now time for another wave of CES 2014 camera announcements. We start with Polaroid. This time they did not copy any existing mirrorless designs, but announced a variety of fixed-lens superzoom Wifi digital cameras along with an Android-powered digital... Continue

Nikon Laywers Kill the Polaroid iM1836 clone, December 6, 2013
Down go the "cut and pasters". Nikon's lawyers convinced Sakar to kill their Polaroid iM1836 Nikon J1 clone mirrorless camera. Kill as in "Sakar will no longer manufacture, import, advertise, promote, offer for sale, sell, or ship the Polaroid iM1836... Continue

Confused Polaroid iM1836 Mirrorless camera finds its way to, October 25, 2013
Ten days ago, Nikon's lawyers sued Polaroid for cut-and-pasting-without-shame their Nikon J1 design into their Polaroid iM1836 mirrorless cameras. Fast forward to today, and the camera is now available for purchase at for $300. This is a really confused... Continue

Polaroid's Social Media camera gets priced at $300, July 19, 2013
This is indeed a curiosity. Social media is everywhere these days. I am surprised there isn't (?) a professional social network for fart sharing. You know, not silly and juvenile like old MySpace, but professional like Facebook! They are after... Continue

New Polaroid XS80 action cam with 1080p video, May 14, 2013
The action cameras continue to be unafraid of the smartphones and the fixed lens P&S digital cameras. Today the Polaroid brand announced a new action camera, the Polaroid XS80 with 1080p video and waterproof up to 30 feet with a... Continue

Polaroid Saga continues: Sensor found in Camera Body (also: rewatch Engadget interview), January 9, 2013
Never a dull moment with the new Polaroid mirrorless system. It appears the whole internet may have to use its collective wisdom in order to figure out what these cameras really are ;-) At the bottom of the hands-on report... Continue

Live Interview with Polaroid CEO: Wednesday at 4pm New York City time, January 8, 2013
This is a reminder! On Wednesday at 4pm New York City time (1pm Vegas time), Engadget will be hosting a live interview with the current Polaroid CEO. There is also a live chat room at the aforelinked page, so that... Continue

Clarification on Polaroid Mirrorless: it is a modular system like Ricoh GXR, January 8, 2013
Polaroid kinda screwed up their big moment in the spotlight by failing to properly explain their new camera system. Then again, Sakar is not used to the spotlight, so there's that. So here's the latest updates in what is turning... Continue

Surprise! Polaroid announced THREE new interchangeable lens cameras today, January 7, 2013
But wait, there's still more! Polaroid did not announce one interchangeable lens camera today. They announced THREE of them! Details and CSI detective work at Digital Camera Info. Polaroid also makes mention of Micro Four Thirds compatibility but it's not... Continue

Polaroid IM1836 Android-based mirrorless announced (w/10-30 for $400), January 7, 2013
Polaroid has made official their IM1836 Android-based interchangeable-lens camera. It will come with a 10-30mm lens and a starting price of $400. Android, 3.5-inch touchscreen display, similarities to the Nikon J1 (common roots or cut-and-paste?), etc. Details at The Verge... Continue

Mark your calendars: Engadget live interviews with RED and Polaroid, January 7, 2013
Mark your calendars! Engadget has scheduled two camera-related live interviews at CES + PMA 2013 in Vegas! Here they are: + Tuesday Jan 8 at 4pm NYC time with RED co-founder Ted S. + Wedn Jan 9 at 4pm NYC... Continue

Polaroid power play continues: Opening Real-World Photo Printing bars (aka Fotobars), January 2, 2013
The current owners of the Polaroid brand are apparently determined to try to make the most of the Polaroid brand name recognition. The new development in their attempt at a power play is the launch of real-world photo printing bars.... Continue

Polaroid will launch Android-based Interchangeable Lens camera at CES/PMA 2013, December 20, 2012
The Polaroid President and CEO told Imaging Resource that the company will launch an Android-powered interchangeable lens camera at CES+PMA 2013, which opens its doors January 8, 2013 [see Trade Show Calendar]. Polaroid (the ones who now own the brand)... Continue


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