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Podcast: Talking Fuji X system at Digital Trekker (49 mins), March 18, 2014
If you have 49 minutes to spare or to mix into your commute, The Digital Trekker latest podcast talks to photographer Piet Van den Eynde about the Fuji X system. This is their second conversation on the X system. The... Continue

Podcasts (including photography podcasts) under attack by Patent Trolls, June 1, 2013
There are plenty of photography podcasts out there, and they could all be under attack or shutdown because patent trolls are going after podcasters because of a master-of-the-obvious patent they were granted! EFF explains the situation and is running a... Continue

New Photography Podcast Episodes talking Adobe Cloud, Photography As Art and More, May 16, 2013
Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and that may mean more travel with trains, planes and automobiles, so this may be a good time to spend idle travel time "on topic" without working - with some photography podcasts!... Continue

Photography Podcast fans: new Apple Podcast app is out, June 26, 2012
If you love listening to the vast variety of photography podcasts out there, and you have Apple i-Devices, Apple has released today their own Podcasts App (iTunes) for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is free. Since this is day... Continue

New Podcasts: Olympus E-M5, serious mirrorless, Leica Berlin event, May 12, 2012
If you enjoyed last month's Fuji X-Pro1 themed podcast at Serious Compacts, you are in luck! Two new podcasts have just been posted: + nearly 2-hour podcast talking Olympus E-M5 along with other serious mirrorless cameras (X-Pro1, NEX-7, Panasonics, Leicas,... Continue

Two hour podcast talking Fuji X-Pro1, some E-M5 and other Serious Compacts, April 27, 2012
Camera talk is back! Episode #5 of the Serious Compacts podcast is out, and in the two hours of run-time, the five photographer panel talks mostly Fuji X-Pro1 (camera, lenses, focusing, ISO, system, etc), along with other serious compacts, including... Continue

Podcast: discussing the best of CES-PMA 2012 in/at Serious Compacts, January 13, 2012
We covered plenty of articles, blog-posts and videos covering the CES and PMA 2012, but there is one more way to digest the new serious yet compact cameras revealed this month. Serious Compacts has launched a brand new podcast, with... Continue

Canon teaches (1D X AF, Cinema EOS FAQs), Nikon podcasts (verb), November 9, 2011
Canon is on a teaching spree today, they have published a new article on the 1D X auto focus system, focusing (pun intended!) on auto focus points and area selection... Meanwhile, at a different Canon page, they have published a... Continue

Your Big Break? TWiT Photo will have a contest for a Photographer Guest Host, October 6, 2011
Would you like to be a photographer guest host on an upcoming episode of Leo Laporte's "TWiT Photo" weekly photography show? will be launching a contest next week! If you are interested, you can prepare for the contest... Continue

Also (new ACDSee Pro 5, Color Efex Pro 4, NX, Sigma PP, volunteer podcaster, etc), September 27, 2011
And now time to round-up some news and newsbytes and newsbits and newsquarks! There is a lot of imaging software action today, along with an opening for a volunteer podcaster... Imaging Software + new ACDSee Pro 5 and ACDSee 14... Continue

In case you missed it: weekly TWiT Photo netcast (video/audio), September 14, 2011
In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, Leo Laporte's TWiT network launched a photography-themed weekly netcast show, "TWiT Photo". The episodes are recorded live. They have 20+ episodes so far, including guest appearances by Chase Jarvis, Vincent Laforet,... Continue

TwitPic/WENN deal discussed on latest PhotoNetCast episode (podcast/netcast), May 29, 2011
Episode #57 of PhotoNetCast features a photographer group discussion of the TwitPic/WENN deal. The TwitPic part of the discussion starts at around the 11 minute mark. After TwitPic, the new photographer-unfriendly Getty contracts are discussed. Continue

Reviews Etc (Pentax K-5, Godot X100, T3i/600D, NX11, etc), April 13, 2011
We have a tape-delayed start today, but the review cat has done its due diligence, so time for a new review round-up! Lens reviews as usual can be found at the lens review mountain. Waiting for Godot X100 + X100... Continue

Podcast Filter: TwiP and Tekzilla, October 14, 2010
We have a new edition of the "Podcast Filter", where we go through millions of podcasts (exaggeration!), so you don't have to! In this edition, we have two podcasts for you: This Week in Photo (TWIP) Episode #170 + Fuji... Continue

Photokina downloadable podcasts roundup: TWiP, Digital Story, PRN FFR, September 29, 2010
Tired of reading about Photokina and instead want to just listen? Two more podcasts have come out covering Photokina! First up, TWiP (This Week in Photo) has a 30-minute segment talking Photokina in their latest podcast, starting at the 17-minute... Continue


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