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Did PMA quietly abandon the CliQ name for their trade show?, October 6, 2011
While looking at the PMA website as part of the Fuji mirrorless post, I noticed that the trade show is now referred to as "PMA @ CES" and there no mentions of a CliQ trade show there. The CliQ website... Continue

(Now Official!) PMA 2011 cancelled, moves to CES 2012 time says PDN [updated], May 4, 2011
UPDATE (4:46pm NYC time): It is now official! The PDN Pulse post has been updated with the official press release which you can also find at the PMAI website. PMA 2012 will take place in Las Vegas along side CES... Continue

Shock! PMA 2011 moves to September 8 to 10, 2011, June 1, 2010
Even the trade-shows are going mirrorless these days! PMA has announced that the PMA 2011 trade show will take place in September instead of their usual Spring time. PMA 2011 will happen in sinful Las Vegas, September 8 to 10.... Continue

PMA 2010: catching up with the post-show reports, March 2, 2010
We round up some of the PMA 2010 action that came out after the trade show ended. Continue

Imaging Resource interviews Sony, Nikon and Olympus, February 25, 2010
Imaging Resource has published PMA 2010 interviews with Sony, Olympus and Nikon. Continue

PMA Tuesday - the last 24 hours, February 23, 2010
We round up the action for PMA Tuesday - interviews and hands-on first impressions of various cameras! Continue

PMA mega-coverage by the usual (and unusual) suspects, February 23, 2010
We take a look at the PMA 2010 coverage at some of the usual suspects: Imaging Resource, dpreview,, DC Watch, etc. Continue

Touching cameras on the PMA trade show floor, February 23, 2010
We round up some of the videos and text previews of cameras at the PMA 2010 trade show. Continue

Watch Sony PMA press conference (21 minutes long), February 23, 2010
Watch the 21-minute Sony Press Conference at PMA 2010 thanks to the Imaging Insider. Continue

PMA Monday roundup: The last 24 hours, February 22, 2010
We round up the action from Monday at the PMA 2010 trade show Continue

New Gear and Accessories at PMA 2010 we haven't mentioned yet, February 22, 2010
We round up some of the new or exciting gear that we haven't yet mentioned. Continue

Summarizing the new gear during the PMA 2010 weekend, February 22, 2010
We summarize the weekend action at PMA 2010! Continue

Sigma mega-blast: New DP2s, DP1x, SD15, FLD, new lenses, February 20, 2010
Sigma has new lenses, two new cameras (DP2, DP1x), the return of the SD15, and things like that! Continue

Recapping today's Samsung big announcements, February 20, 2010
We recap today's Samsung action - five new lenses and four new cameras Continue

HP returns to the digital camera market with five sub-$150 P&S models, February 19, 2010
HP returns to the digital camera market with five new models and three new camcorders. Continue


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