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photoplusexpo archives (25 posts)

PDN Photo Plus Expo Situation Room launched at the top of the blog pages, October 23, 2012
Trade show withdrawal? Fear not! The PDN Photo Plus 2012 Expo comes to the rescue! The conference sessions begin tomorrow (October 24) and the trade show floor doors open on Thursday (October 25). As it is often the case with... Continue

Video Interviews: Fuji X10, Canon 1D X + Westfall, Sony 24mp, Leica M9p, November 2, 2011
Tired of chasing those crawling ants on the display? How about some video action? + Fuji X10: Brandon Remler video interviewed at Through the Looking Glass - listen carefully at 1m 54 seconds, he says "Fuji has controlled all the... Continue

Photo Plus Expo 2011: another round-up [and more trade shows], November 1, 2011
The 2011 Photo Plus Expo has now issued a "shutdown 0", so let's round up the happenings since our previous round-up. (UPDATE: This is not the final PPE round-up, as a newer video themed round-up has been posted. "Final" has... Continue

The Photo Plus 2011 Situation Room (Thursday edition), October 27, 2011
The floodgates have opened at the PDN Photo Plus Trade show. Time for a rolling on-going "Situation Room", with your hosts Volfe Blintzes, and critical complainer Jacques Coffeertie ;-) From the Photo Plus Expo Trade Show Floor + best new... Continue

PDN (Nielsen Company) gobbles up Rangefinder, AfterCapture magazines and WPPI trade show, November 4, 2010
One more news item from the PDN PPE 2010 trade show! PDN's mothership, the Nielsen Company announced at the trade show that they have purchased the Rangefinder magazine, the After Capture magazine and the WPPI trade show (wedding and portrait... Continue

One more Photo Plus Expo 2010 round-up (including the full keynote by Chase Jarvis), November 4, 2010
Photo Plus Expo is over, but there are new reports from the trade-show posted in the photo-blog-o-sphere! Let's take a look... Watch or rewatch the 1-hour keynote + panel discussion Chase Jarvis writes on his blog that his PPE 2010... Continue

Photo Plus Expo 2010 round-up (weekend + Monday) , November 1, 2010
And now time for some more action from the PDN Photo Plus Expo 2010 trade show in New York City. We start at The PhoBlographer rounding up their PPE coverage with visits to six major manufactures plus visits with accessories/gear... Continue

Photo Plus Expo round-up (Friday edition), October 29, 2010
Yesterday's Photo Plus Expo round-up brought us PocketWizards for Nikon and flickr sign-up using Google accounts (!). Let's see what else found its way to the internets! Videos + four videos at Photo Business Forum including ThinkTank and PNY Gear... Continue

Action from the PDN Photo Plus Expo Trade Show floor, October 28, 2010
The Chase Jarvis keynote and panel has just finished at the PDN Photo Plus trade show. This was definitely not your father's keynote address. If you missed it, I am sure it will become available for watching once the bits... Continue

Live keynote from PDN Photo Expo on Thursday: Chase Jarvis, Laforet, JoeyL, et al, October 27, 2010
The PDN Photo Plus Expo begins tomorrow (Thursday October 28). If you are not going, fear not! Chase Jarvis has us covered! He just wrote on his blog that will be broadcasting live his keynote speech and guest panel at... Continue

PDN Photo Plus starts October 28 - will they announce new gear?, October 25, 2010
The PDN Photo Plus trade show will open its doors on October 28 through the 30th in the Big Apple. With the show increasing its profile, and manufacturers historically announcing new gear after Photokina, it will be interesting to see... Continue

Two more Photo Plus Expo round-ups, November 1, 2009
Two more round-ups from PPE, one texty and one pictury :) Continue

PDN Gear Guide looks at compacts with large-sensors, October 27, 2009
PDN Gear Guide looks at compact cameras with large sensors. Continue

Hands-on with the Leica S2 at PPE (and two full-size JPEGs), October 26, 2009
PDN Gear Guide has posted two full-size sample images and hands-on impressions with the Leica S2 at PPE. Continue

Hands-on with the Leica M9 and X1 at PPE, October 26, 2009
From Photo Plus Expo, two hands-on first impressions reports on the Leica X1 and M9 are available at PhotographyBay. Continue


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